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kexis(freshmeat) Kexis Kexis is a lossless WAV file compressor. Its ma... DOWNLOAD
keymgr(freshmeat) keymgr keymgr serves as a keystore for cryptographic a... DOWNLOAD
kfan(freshmeat) kfan KFan is a KDE dockable app to control the fan o... DOWNLOAD
kfourier(freshmeat) KFourier KFourier is an image manipulation application w... DOWNLOAD
kheisepro(freshmeat) KHeisePro KHeisePro lets you search within the "Heis... DOWNLOAD
khexedit(freshmeat) KHexEdit KHexEdit is a versatile binary file editor. Its... DOWNLOAD
kicemenu(freshmeat) kicemenu kicemenu parses your icewm menu config file and... DOWNLOAD
kicq(freshmeat) kicq kicq is an ICQ client specifically designed for... DOWNLOAD
gif2lss(freshmeat) gif2lss gif2lss is a utility for converting 16 color gi... DOWNLOAD
kidentify(freshmeat) kidentify kidentify is a KDE utility to show more file de... DOWNLOAD
kim(freshmeat) Kim Kim is an interactive, user friendly process ma... DOWNLOAD
kimap(freshmeat) KImap KImap is an IMAP e-mail client for KDE, based o... DOWNLOAD
kimon(freshmeat) Kimon kimon is a simple ISDN monitor that attaches it... DOWNLOAD
kinsectizid(freshmeat) KInsectizid KInsectizid is a KDE-based 2D shooter. You have... DOWNLOAD
kiosk(freshmeat) Kiosk Kiosk is a network capable MySQL database manag... DOWNLOAD
kisocd(freshmeat) KisoCD KisoCD is a tool that assists you in creating a... DOWNLOAD
kitclient(freshmeat) Kit Client Kit is a KDE 2 client for the AOL Instant Messe... DOWNLOAD
kittycode(freshmeat) kittyCode kittyCode decodes bar codes from :CueCat scanne... DOWNLOAD
kivio(freshmeat) Kivio Kivio is a flowcharting software similar to the... DOWNLOAD
kkinit(freshmeat) KKinit KKinit is a an applet which lets users request,... DOWNLOAD
klack(freshmeat) KLACK KLACK gives you the command over a sphere (you ... DOWNLOAD
klavg(freshmeat) klavg klavg is a small KDE applet that shows load ave... DOWNLOAD
klilo(freshmeat) KLILO KLILO is a GUI to configure the lilo bootmanage... DOWNLOAD
klines(freshmeat) KLines Klines is a simple logical game, similar to the... DOWNLOAD
klinuxscsimanager(freshmeat) KLinuxScsiManager KLinuxScsiManager is a simple application which... DOWNLOAD
kmc_utils(freshmeat) kmc_utils kmc_utils is a small package of utilities for d... DOWNLOAD
kmemmon(freshmeat) kmemmon Kmemmon is a KDE panel application that shows i... DOWNLOAD
mica(freshmeat) Mica Mica (formerly known as Poe) is a system for bu... DOWNLOAD
kmerge(freshmeat) Kmerge Kmerge is a utility to diff and merge files, di... DOWNLOAD
kmp3te(freshmeat) Kmp3te Kmp3te is a tool to view and modify tags of MP3... DOWNLOAD
kmp_psql(freshmeat) kmp_psql kmp_psql is a KMySQL plugin which provides acce... DOWNLOAD
kmy-regex(freshmeat) kmy-regex Kmy-regex is an regular expression library for ... DOWNLOAD
kmysql-php(freshmeat) kmysql-php The kmysql-php PHP library gives access to KMyS... DOWNLOAD
knetdump(freshmeat) Knetdump knetdump is a packet sniffer and analyzer for v... DOWNLOAD
knfsd(freshmeat) knfsd This is a much-improved Linux NFS server with s... DOWNLOAD
knowledgebase(freshmeat) knowledgebase The knowledgebase is a tool to help you build a... DOWNLOAD
koch(freshmeat) Koch Koch is a simple Koch curve generator written i... DOWNLOAD
kof91(freshmeat) KOF91 2D Fighting Engine for Linux KOF91 is a 2D fighting game engine similar to S... DOWNLOAD
koffle(freshmeat) KOffle koffle is a KDE-tool for managing your wwwoffle... DOWNLOAD
konnekt4(freshmeat) konnekt4 Konnekt4 is the C port of a LISP connect-4 game... DOWNLOAD
konspire(freshmeat) konspire konspire is a searchable, distributed file-shar... DOWNLOAD
korsebyicons(freshmeat) Korseby Icons The Korseby Icon Package is a rich set of XPM a... DOWNLOAD
kpanel2(freshmeat) kpanel2 kpanel2 is a modified version of the Corel Kpan... DOWNLOAD
kphpdev(freshmeat) KPHPDev K PHP Develop is an integrated Web development ... DOWNLOAD
kppp(freshmeat) Kppp kppp is a dialer and front end for pppd. It all... DOWNLOAD
kpvm(freshmeat) KPVM KPVM is a K-Desktop interface to PVM. Process, ... DOWNLOAD
kquick(freshmeat) KQuick KQuick is the KDE interface for a stable single... DOWNLOAD
krad(freshmeat) KRad The K Rapid Acoustic Dialer is a flexible tone ... DOWNLOAD
krecord(freshmeat) krecord krecord is a KDE sound recorder to record and p... DOWNLOAD
krn(freshmeat) KRN KRN is a user-friendly, graphical newsreader fo... DOWNLOAD
krunseti(freshmeat) krunseti krunseti starts SETI@home and displays its stat... DOWNLOAD
ksnes9x(freshmeat) KSnes9x KSnes9x is a KDE frontend for Snes9x, the SNES ... DOWNLOAD
ksniff(freshmeat) KSniff KSniff is a packet sniffer/analyzer developed f... DOWNLOAD
ksnuffle(freshmeat) KSnuffle KSnuffle is a network packet sniffer for KDE. I... DOWNLOAD
powerswitch(freshmeat) Remote SNMP Powerswitch Control Remote SNMP Powerswitch Control is a script tha... DOWNLOAD
kspaceduel(freshmeat) kspaceduel Kspaceduel is a game for KDE where two space sh... DOWNLOAD
ksql(freshmeat) kSQL KMySql is a graphical SQL client for KDE which ... DOWNLOAD
ksrnd(freshmeat) KSrnd KSrnd is a KDE-based control panel for the miro... DOWNLOAD
ktheme(freshmeat) kTheme kTheme is a small program to convert a Windows ... DOWNLOAD
kticker(freshmeat) Kticker Kticker is a news ticker widget that downloads ... DOWNLOAD
ktimewarp(freshmeat) KTimeWarp KTimeWarp is a small KDE application that can d... DOWNLOAD
ktnef(freshmeat) KTnef KTnef is a TNEf file viewer/extractor for KDE. ... DOWNLOAD
kugar(freshmeat) Kugar Kugar is a report generator, viewer, and printe... DOWNLOAD
kugel(freshmeat) Kugel kugel is a perl/tk based game that is played by... DOWNLOAD
lbu(freshmeat) LBU The Linux Backup Utility (LBU) is a simple, men... DOWNLOAD
slglade(freshmeat) SLglade SLglade is a S-Lang module that provides S-Lang... DOWNLOAD
gnubox_uiq(freshmeat) GnuBox GnuBox allows you to access the Internet from y... DOWNLOAD
o3read(freshmeat) o3read o3read is a standalone converter from the OpenO... DOWNLOAD
leahhttpd(freshmeat) Leah HTTP Daemon Leah HTTP Daemon is a Web server strives to do ... DOWNLOAD
zsrep(freshmeat) Zaurus Synchronization Repository ZSRep (Zaurus Synchronization Repository) is a ... DOWNLOAD
key-netplug(freshmeat) Key Netplug Netplug is a Linux daemon that manages network ... DOWNLOAD
debrief(freshmeat) Debrief Debrief is an Open Source Java application used... DOWNLOAD
jc_ansiterm(freshmeat) JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller is a Java API... DOWNLOAD
wopr(freshmeat) WOPR WOPR is a simple message-passing distributed ob... DOWNLOAD
dbmonster(freshmeat) DBMonster DBMonster is a tool which helps database applic... DOWNLOAD
aescrypt2(freshmeat) aescrypt2 aescrypt2 is a command line file encryption pro... DOWNLOAD
amberle(freshmeat) Amberle Amberle is a convention organizer. It manages p... DOWNLOAD
dialog-mp3-list(freshmeat) dialog-mp3-list dialog-mp3-list generates an organized list of ... DOWNLOAD
zabit(freshmeat) Zabit Zabit is a content/attachment filter for qmail.... DOWNLOAD
vqcc-gtk(freshmeat) vqcc-gtk vqcc-gtk is a featureful chat client for LAN en... DOWNLOAD
dydoc(freshmeat) dydoc dydoc is a toolkit for generating API documenta... DOWNLOAD
antinat(freshmeat) Antinat SOCKS Server The Antinat SOCKS Server is a multi-threaded, ... DOWNLOAD
the-egg(freshmeat) Easy Generator Generator Easy Generator Generator (EGG) is a development... DOWNLOAD
subtimer(freshmeat) SubTimer SubTimer is an easy-to-use subtitle editor base... DOWNLOAD
timezilla(freshmeat) Timezilla Timezilla is a Java web application that links ... DOWNLOAD
pandapublisher(freshmeat) Panda Publisher Panda Publisher is a lightweight content manage... DOWNLOAD
gluas(freshmeat) gluas gluas is a GIMP plug-in for prototyping image p... DOWNLOAD
fsimp(freshmeat) Free Secure Instant Messaging Protocol FSIMP is a secure IM protocol client and server... DOWNLOAD
squeuer(freshmeat) Squeuer Squeuer is a queueing proxy for Seti@Home. It k... DOWNLOAD
rsnapgraph(freshmeat) rsnapgraph rsnapgraph is a script that generates graphs us... DOWNLOAD
cutlass(freshmeat) Cutlass Cutlass is a cross-platform system for secure p... DOWNLOAD
linbar(freshmeat) linbar The linbar utility reads from a specified seria... DOWNLOAD
accpal(freshmeat) Accountability Pal Accountability Pal monitors your network and ke... DOWNLOAD
xmamegui(freshmeat) XMAME GUI XMAME GUI is a front end of XMAME that feature... DOWNLOAD
jgamelaunch(freshmeat) JGameLaunch JGameLaunch is a GUI that allows a user to laun... DOWNLOAD
changepassword(freshmeat) ChangePassword ChangePassword modifies the passwords of passwd... DOWNLOAD
kissd(freshmeat) Simple Kiss Daemon Kissd is a really simple daemon designed to sha... DOWNLOAD
daophp5(freshmeat) Data Access Objects for PHP5 Data Access Objects for PHP5 is a set of classe... DOWNLOAD
drydock(freshmeat) DryDock DryDock is a Web publishing application that im... DOWNLOAD
mp3isofs(freshmeat) mp3isofs mp3isofs is a patch to mkisofs which adds the -... DOWNLOAD

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