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mpeg2info(freshmeat) mpeg2info mpeg2info is a tool to check the contents of an... DOWNLOAD
lsh(freshmeat) lsh lsh is a GNU GPL-licensed implementation of the... DOWNLOAD
llrbh(freshmeat) llrb.h llrb.h is an iterative implementation of Robert... DOWNLOAD
burn_(freshmeat) Burn until recorded now! Burn (burn until recorded now!) is a simple com... DOWNLOAD
wilma-indexer(freshmeat) Wilma Wilma is a program for quickly finding text lur... DOWNLOAD
silk-project(freshmeat) Silk Collaboration Server Silk is a general purpose, Web centric, enterpr... DOWNLOAD
revratio(freshmeat) RevRatio Revratio is a software package which assists a ... DOWNLOAD
lucidium(freshmeat) Lucidium Application Platform Lucidium is an application development environm... DOWNLOAD
onyx(freshmeat) Onyx Onyx is a powerful stack-based, multi-threaded,... DOWNLOAD
skprod(freshmeat) SkProd SkProd provides a way of building binary data f... DOWNLOAD
htmltools(freshmeat) HTMLTools HTMLTools is a set of Python tools to fetch and... DOWNLOAD
2(freshmeat) 2/OS 2 is a graphic operating system which can execu... DOWNLOAD
patchwork(freshmeat) Patchwork PatchWork is a Web-based patch tracking system ... DOWNLOAD
wget_queue(freshmeat) Wget Queue Wget Queue is a wrapper script for queueing dow... DOWNLOAD
yarssr(freshmeat) Yet Another RSS Reader Yet Another RSS Reader is an RSS aggregator and... DOWNLOAD
sesoma(freshmeat) sesoma sesoma is a daemon that allows you to build a v... DOWNLOAD
turkix(freshmeat) TURKIX Turkix is a Mandrake-based live Linux distribut... DOWNLOAD
utrac(freshmeat) Universal Text Recognizer and Converter The Universal Text Recognizer and Converter (Ut... DOWNLOAD
vlogger(freshmeat) vlogger vlogger is a logger daemon for Apache. It will ... DOWNLOAD
pcjbot(freshmeat) PCJBot PCJBot is a Jabber bot written in Perl with PCJ... DOWNLOAD
stahlfaust(freshmeat) Stahlfaust Stahlfaust is an artificial intelligence player... DOWNLOAD
makebootfat(freshmeat) makebootfat makebootfat is a tool to make bootable USB disk... DOWNLOAD
cvsnt(freshmeat) CVSNT CVSNT was started as a port of cvs pserver for ... DOWNLOAD
libjackmm(freshmeat) libJackMM libJackMM is a C++ API library for JACK audio c... DOWNLOAD
e-keyboard(freshmeat) E-Keyboard E-keyboard is an Enlightenment epplet for swi... DOWNLOAD
e-mountbox(freshmeat) E-Mountbox E-Mountbox is an epplet that can (un)mount user... DOWNLOAD
libmistat(freshmeat) libmistat libmistat is a library of statistical functions... DOWNLOAD
pfctrl(freshmeat) PfControl PfControl is a command line application for co... DOWNLOAD
cpudyn(freshmeat) cpudyn cpudyn controls the speed in Intel SpeedStep, P... DOWNLOAD
reportwriter(freshmeat) Report Writer Report Writer produces nice-looking PostScript ... DOWNLOAD
directx_wine(freshmeat) DirectX support for Wine DirectX support for Wine is a set of patches ag... DOWNLOAD
retawq(freshmeat) retawq retawq is a multi-threaded Web browser for text... DOWNLOAD
akregator(freshmeat) Akregator Akregator is a KDE RSS aggregator. It supports ... DOWNLOAD
acikisletme(freshmeat) acikisletme Acikisletme is a console application for market... DOWNLOAD
alphons(freshmeat) AlPhoNS Web Gallery AlPhoNS is an advanced Web-based photo gallery ... DOWNLOAD
linecontrolserver(freshmeat) LineControl Server LineControl allows you to remotely control the ... DOWNLOAD
tentakel(freshmeat) tentakel Tentakel is a program that executes the same co... DOWNLOAD
cb2xml(freshmeat) CB2XML CB2XML (CopyBook to XML) is a COBOL copybook t... DOWNLOAD
nss-mysql(freshmeat) NSS-MySQL NSS-MySQL allows you to create Unix users or gr... DOWNLOAD
mpegparse(freshmeat) mpegparse mpegparse is a small and fast C library for par... DOWNLOAD
xconvers(freshmeat) xconvers Xconvers is a client for the amateur radio conv... DOWNLOAD
stepmenus(freshmeat) StepMenus StepMenus enhances the user experience in OS X ... DOWNLOAD
chadwick(freshmeat) Chadwick Chadwick is a baseball scorebook application. I... DOWNLOAD
kaddressbook(freshmeat) KAddressBook KAddressBook is the KDE address book. It allows... DOWNLOAD
scez(freshmeat) SCEZ SCEZ is a library that should make the handling... DOWNLOAD
istumbler(freshmeat) iStumbler iStumbler is a small utility for finding local ... DOWNLOAD
silky(freshmeat) Silky Silky is a secure chat client using the SILC pr... DOWNLOAD
sigma(freshmeat) Sigma Expense Sigma Expense is an expense accounting Web appl... DOWNLOAD
qmailsstat(freshmeat) Qmail SStats Qmail SStats is a small script that generates d... DOWNLOAD
xmins(freshmeat) XMins XMins is a distribution of the XWin server, a v... DOWNLOAD
sapiprocessor(freshmeat) SAPIPROCESSOR SAPIPROCESSOR is a compact toolkit for processi... DOWNLOAD
babychess(freshmeat) BabyChess BabyChess is a chess application. It understand... DOWNLOAD
gld-ng(freshmeat) GLD-NG GLD-NG is a greylisting daemon for Postfix. It... DOWNLOAD
lamefwd(freshmeat) lamefwd lamefwd is an easy-to-use single process port f... DOWNLOAD
cvtsa(freshmeat) ClairVoyanT SysAdmin CVTSA is a suite of tools that allows users to ... DOWNLOAD
libieee1284(freshmeat) libieee1284 libieee1284 is intended to be used by applicati... DOWNLOAD
xcall(freshmeat) xcall Xcall is a GTK packet radio program which suppo... DOWNLOAD
sptpl(freshmeat) SpoolTemplate SpoolTemplate (SpTpl) is a report system based ... DOWNLOAD
vex(freshmeat) Vex Vex is a visual editor for XML. It features a ... DOWNLOAD
mirdir(freshmeat) mirdir Mirdir allows a user to synchronize two directo... DOWNLOAD
litetrash(freshmeat) litetrash litetrash is a light-weight, portable trash can... DOWNLOAD
concern(freshmeat) con:cern con:cern is a workflow engine based on an exten... DOWNLOAD
mammoothlibrary(freshmeat) MammoothLibrary MammoothLibrary is a collection of C++ classes,... DOWNLOAD
mynewsscr(freshmeat) MyNews script MyNews is a program that scans selected Web sit... DOWNLOAD
mynewspm(freshmeat) MyNews perl module MyNews perl module contains Perl object classes... DOWNLOAD
mynewswww(freshmeat) MyNews www MyNews www is a set of Perl CGI scripts to acce... DOWNLOAD
tcb-sysloads(freshmeat) TCB::SysLoads TCB::SysLoads is a DBIx::Frame object written t... DOWNLOAD
mycmspm(freshmeat) MyCMS perl module MyCMS perl module contains Perl object classes ... DOWNLOAD
mycmswww(freshmeat) MyCMS www MyCMS www is a set of Perl CGI scripts to acces... DOWNLOAD
destiney_lottery(freshmeat) Destiney Scripts Lottery Destiney Script's Lottery script is a Web appli... DOWNLOAD
tcb-adduser(freshmeat) TCB::AddUser TCB::AddUser is a package for managing users a... DOWNLOAD
tcb-webdav(freshmeat) TCB::Webdav TCB::Webdav is a package of scripts that can be... DOWNLOAD
tcb-backup(freshmeat) TCB::Backup TCB::Backup is the backup package used to back ... DOWNLOAD
samba-vscan(freshmeat) OpenAntiVirus samba-vscan samba-vscan provides on-access scanning of Samb... DOWNLOAD
echominemuse(freshmeat) Echomine Muse Communications API Echomine Muse provides an easy-to-use Java API ... DOWNLOAD
socks4sv(freshmeat) Socks4 Server This is a C++ implementation of a socks4 server... DOWNLOAD
castgrab(freshmeat) CastGrab CastGrab is a podcast aggregator. It will downl... DOWNLOAD
sciminputpad(freshmeat) scim-input-pad scim-input-pad is an on-screen input pad that c... DOWNLOAD
blogbuddies(freshmeat) blogBuddies blogBuddies gathers RSS and Atom feeds into a l... DOWNLOAD
doublechocolatte(freshmeat) Double Choco Latte Double Choco Latte is a system for tracking bug... DOWNLOAD
osxpal(freshmeat) OSXPal OSXPal is a Mac OS X port of the wmpal Window M... DOWNLOAD
cligs(freshmeat) Cute Little Image Gallery Script (CLIGS) The Cute Little Image Gallery Script (CLIGS) ge... DOWNLOAD
guile-dbd-postgresql(freshmeat) guile-dbd-postgresql guile-dbd-postgresql is a PostgreSQL database d... DOWNLOAD
webxadmin(freshmeat) webXadmin webXadmin is a generic PHP/MySQL application th... DOWNLOAD
prozilla(freshmeat) Prozilla Prozilla is a download accelerator for Linux. I... DOWNLOAD
proxyscanner(freshmeat) Proxy Scanner Proxy Scanner is a tool that looks for proxy se... DOWNLOAD
conquest(freshmeat) Conquest Conquest is a real-time multi-player space warf... DOWNLOAD
vi(freshmeat) Traditional ex/vi Traditional vi is derived from the 4BSD source ... DOWNLOAD
rsyncincr(freshmeat) rsync-incr rsync-incr is a Linux wrapper shell (bash) scri... DOWNLOAD
ejp(freshmeat) Extensible Java Profiler Extensible Java Profiler (EJP) is a profiling ... DOWNLOAD
stdiotunnel(freshmeat) StdioTunnel StdioTunnel allows you to tunnel arbitrary TCP ... DOWNLOAD
n2h(freshmeat) Netfilter2html Netfilter2html is a script developed in AWK for... DOWNLOAD
erwin(freshmeat) erwin erwin is a simple html editor based on GTK2. DOWNLOAD
nicotine(freshmeat) Nicotine Nicotine is a feature-complete client for the S... DOWNLOAD
omlet(freshmeat) OMLet OMLet is a VIm mode for OCaml. It features nice... DOWNLOAD
tux_todo(freshmeat) Tux ToDo Tux ToDo is a simple to-do list manager, inspir... DOWNLOAD
wdm(freshmeat) wdm Wdm is a modification of the X11 xdm package fo... DOWNLOAD
tipiwiki(freshmeat) TipiWiki TipiWiki is a small and simple Wiki which favor... DOWNLOAD
ipfreely(freshmeat) IPFreely IPFreely is a simple application-level TCP prox... DOWNLOAD
droneircbot(freshmeat) Drone IRC Bot Drone IRC Bot is an IRC bot with a modular API ... DOWNLOAD

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