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grocget(freshmeat) grocget grocget helps you shop for groceries faster and... DOWNLOAD
drslooper(freshmeat) DRS Looper DRS Looper is a program for running a list of c... DOWNLOAD
tkpile(freshmeat) tkpile tkpile grabs APM/ACPI information and displays ... DOWNLOAD
servingxml(freshmeat) ServingXML ServingXML is a markup language for expressing ... DOWNLOAD
phpsentinel(freshmeat) PHP Sentinel PHP Sentinel is a PHP library to make it easy t... DOWNLOAD
gsaxmlrpci(freshmeat) Google Search Appliance XML-RPC Interface Google Search Appliance XML-RPC Interface is a ... DOWNLOAD
ctunnel(freshmeat) ctunnel ctunnel is a program for tunneling and proxying... DOWNLOAD
rejoystick(freshmeat) rejoystick RejoysTick maps button presses on a gamepad to ... DOWNLOAD
dashel(freshmeat) Dashel Dashel is a cross-platform data stream helper e... DOWNLOAD
horde-hermes(freshmeat) Horde Hermes Hermes is a Horde time-tracking application. It... DOWNLOAD
jpdfunit(freshmeat) JPdfUnit JPdfUnit integrates PDFBox as a PDF API with th... DOWNLOAD
switchmap(freshmeat) switchmap Switchmap is a Perl program that creates HTML p... DOWNLOAD
gnome-mplayer(freshmeat) GNOME Mplayer GNOME Mplayer is a simple GUI for Mplayer that ... DOWNLOAD
readahead-list(freshmeat) readahead-list readahead-list allows users to load files into ... DOWNLOAD
taocrypt(freshmeat) TaoCrypt TaoCrypt is a portable, fast, cryptographic lib... DOWNLOAD
shoebot(freshmeat) Shoebot Shoebot is a pure Python graphics robot: it tak... DOWNLOAD
update-zoneinfo(freshmeat) update-zoneinfo update-zoneinfo is a utility for synchronizing ... DOWNLOAD
planetg(freshmeat) planetGenesis PlanetGenesis is a tool that generates 16-bit ... DOWNLOAD
kettle(freshmeat) Kettle K.E.T.T.L.E (Kettle ETTL Environment) is a meta... DOWNLOAD
filofant(freshmeat) filofant filofant is an email archive and document index... DOWNLOAD
libxmldiff(freshmeat) libxmldiff / xmldiff XMLDiff aims at providing efficient diffs on XM... DOWNLOAD
xmltreenav(freshmeat) xmlTreeNav xmlTreeNav is a XML viewer with several feature... DOWNLOAD
ikulo(freshmeat) Ikulo Ikulo is a server process which watches a folde... DOWNLOAD
wmnut(freshmeat) WMNUT WMNUT is a dockapp program to monitor UPS stati... DOWNLOAD
turtolcms(freshmeat) TurtolCMS TurtolCMS is a powerful, flexible Web content m... DOWNLOAD
zoopframework(freshmeat) Zoop Zoop is an object oriented framework based on a... DOWNLOAD
gutuma(freshmeat) Gutuma Newsletter Management Gutuma is a feature rich PHP newsletter/mailing... DOWNLOAD
gecoder(freshmeat) Gecode/R Gecode/R is a Ruby interface to the Gecode cons... DOWNLOAD
psl(freshmeat) Property Set Library The Property Set Library (PSL) is a template-ba... DOWNLOAD
phpdiplomacy(freshmeat) webDiplomacy webDiplomacy (previously phpDiplomacy) is a Web... DOWNLOAD
ipsectools(freshmeat) IPsec-Tools IPsec-Tools is a Linux port of the user-space ... DOWNLOAD
opie(freshmeat) Open Palmtop Integrated Environment The Open Palmtop Integrated Environment aims at... DOWNLOAD
pymmh(freshmeat) Python Multimodal Hub The Python Multimodal Hub is an implementation ... DOWNLOAD
servicefixture(freshmeat) ServiceFixture ServiceFixture is a fixture library built on to... DOWNLOAD
linuxconsole(freshmeat) LinuxConsole LinuxConsole is a live and modular Linux distri... DOWNLOAD
dice3ds(freshmeat) Dice3DS Dice3DS is a set of Pure Python modules for dea... DOWNLOAD
vulture(freshmeat) Vulture Vulture is reverse proxy based on Apache and mo... DOWNLOAD
ipaddrpy(freshmeat) is Google's library for manipulating ... DOWNLOAD
coastal(freshmeat) CoASTaL CoASTaL allows users to enter their own compute... DOWNLOAD
marvim(freshmeat) Marvim Marvim is a macro storage system for Vim. It en... DOWNLOAD
smradius(freshmeat) SMRadius SMRadius is a high performance pre-forked RADIU... DOWNLOAD
xercesc(freshmeat) Xerces-C++ Xerces C++ is a validating XML parser written i... DOWNLOAD
gwho(freshmeat) Who? Who? is a graphical interface for the Unix comm... DOWNLOAD
xastir(freshmeat) xastir XASTIR (X Amateur Station Tracking and Informat... DOWNLOAD
blosxom(freshmeat) Blosxom Blosxom (pronounced "Blossom") is a l... DOWNLOAD
freeway(freshmeat) Freeway Freeway is an advanced eCommerce platform selli... DOWNLOAD
file-picker(freshmeat) File-Picker File-Picker is a program to display and choose ... DOWNLOAD
gfxprim(freshmeat) GFXprim GFXprim is a modular 2D bitmap graphics library... DOWNLOAD
guitone(freshmeat) guitone Guitone is a Qt-based, cross-platform graphical... DOWNLOAD
prenda(freshmeat) Prenda Prenda is a Web-based pawn shop system. It thus... DOWNLOAD
tuxcmd(freshmeat) Tux Commander Tux Commander is a GTK2 file manager with two s... DOWNLOAD
gimp-help(freshmeat) Gimp User Manual The GIMP User Manual is a user manual for the G... DOWNLOAD
anttweakbar(freshmeat) AntTweakBar AntTweakBar is a small and easy-to-use C/C++ li... DOWNLOAD
truecrypt-installer(freshmeat) Debian packaging utilities for Truecrypt source Debian packaging utilities for Truecrypt source... DOWNLOAD
eval2(freshmeat) eval2 eval2 is a real-time evaluator for PHP. It is d... DOWNLOAD
unicap(freshmeat) unicap unicap is a library to access different kinds o... DOWNLOAD
jelan(freshmeat) JELAN JELAN provides facilities for constructing and ... DOWNLOAD
phplivex(freshmeat) PHPLiveX PHPLiveX is a lightweight PHP/JavaScript class ... DOWNLOAD
pidgin-paranoia(freshmeat) Pidgin-Paranoia Pidgin-paranoia is a plugin for Pidgin (formerl... DOWNLOAD
jvstwrapper(freshmeat) jVSTwRapper jVSTwRapper allows you to develop VST (2.4), Au... DOWNLOAD
ds1624thermometer(freshmeat) DS1624 parallel port thermometer DS1624 parallel port thermometer is a simple dr... DOWNLOAD
mrepo(freshmeat) mrepo mrepo (formerly known as Yam) builds a local AP... DOWNLOAD
pardalys(freshmeat) p@rdalys p@rdalys provides the full configuration set fo... DOWNLOAD
liaison(freshmeat) Liaison Liaison is a collaboration system for developer... DOWNLOAD
tuitest(freshmeat) tuitest tuitest is a tool to create and run automated t... DOWNLOAD
encfs(freshmeat) EncFS EncFS is an encrypted pass-through filesystem w... DOWNLOAD
sigabi(freshmeat) sigabi Sigabi is a framework for creating applications... DOWNLOAD
mobilehulk(freshmeat) Mobile Hulk Mobile Hulk is a single player turn based strat... DOWNLOAD
gmailsentinel(freshmeat) GoogleMail Sentinel GoogleMail Sentinel is a mail notifier for Goog... DOWNLOAD
xbmc(freshmeat) XBMC Media Center XBMC Media Center (formerly Xbox Media Center) ... DOWNLOAD
gem2rpm(freshmeat) Gem to rpm converter Gem to rpm converter creates an RPM spec file f... DOWNLOAD
oom_ext(freshmeat) Out Of Memory Exstension oom_ext is a Linux kernel module that reserves ... DOWNLOAD
renrot(freshmeat) RenRot Renrot renames files according the flexible nam... DOWNLOAD
tda(freshmeat) TDA TDA (Thread Dump Analyzer) is a small Swing GUI... DOWNLOAD
paco(freshmeat) pacKAGE oRGANIZER Paco (pacKAGE oRGANIZER) is a simple, yet power... DOWNLOAD
osfilemanager(freshmeat) osFileManager osFileManager is a file management script writt... DOWNLOAD
tnftpd(freshmeat) tnftpd tnftpd is a port of the NetBSD FTP server to ot... DOWNLOAD
nofi(freshmeat) NoteFinder NoteFinder is an application for managing any t... DOWNLOAD
vsg(freshmeat) Visaurin Geometric Library LibVsg (Visaurin Geometric Library) is a 2D/3D ... DOWNLOAD
kelbt(freshmeat) Kelbt Kelbt generates backtracking LALR parsers. A di... DOWNLOAD
dynchap(freshmeat) DynChap DynChap provides an additional pseudo hardware ... DOWNLOAD
glfer(freshmeat) glfer glfer is a GTK+ application that shows the inpu... DOWNLOAD
openuddi(freshmeat) OpenUDDI The OpenUDDI project is focused on creating a h... DOWNLOAD
cellular-explorer(freshmeat) Cellular Explorer Cellular Explorer is designed to be a highly fl... DOWNLOAD
dshub(freshmeat) DSHub DSHub is a hubsoft for the ADC Network. It uses... DOWNLOAD
scapy(freshmeat) Scapy Scapy is a powerful interactive packet manipula... DOWNLOAD
pichart(freshmeat) pichart pichart is a GUI for pigrammar, an assembler an... DOWNLOAD
iterm(freshmeat) iTerm iTerm is a terminal emulation program written u... DOWNLOAD
nyh-hoc(freshmeat) Hoc Hoc, the High Order Calculator, is an interpret... DOWNLOAD
macam(freshmeat) macam Macam is a user space USB Webcam driver, suppor... DOWNLOAD
sortclass(freshmeat) PHP Sort Class PHP Sort Class is a PHP class that can be used ... DOWNLOAD
ascend(freshmeat) ASCEND ASCEND is an interactive environment for modeli... DOWNLOAD
sct(freshmeat) Sphene Community Tools SCT (Sphene Community Tools) is a collection of... DOWNLOAD
pdfviewer(freshmeat) NightLabs PDF Viewer The NightLabs PDF Viewer is an Eclipse plug-in ... DOWNLOAD
serverkit(freshmeat) ServerKit ServerKit helps developers quickly build effici... DOWNLOAD
pysignup(freshmeat) PySignup PySignup is a simple Web application designed f... DOWNLOAD
mambo(freshmeat) Mambo Mambo is a full-featured content management sys... DOWNLOAD
photo-frame-prep(freshmeat) Photo Frame Prep Photo Frame Prep is a Python GUI script for pre... DOWNLOAD
hslogger(freshmeat) hslogger hslogger is a logging framework for Haskell, ro... DOWNLOAD
mod_ldap_userdir(freshmeat) mod_ldap_userdir mod_ldap_userdir is an Apache module that enabl... DOWNLOAD

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