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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
earth17(freshmeat) Earth17 The goal of this Earth17 is to automate the gen... DOWNLOAD
rocksclusters(freshmeat) NPACI Rocks Cluster Tool Kit Rocks is a complete "cluster on a CD"... DOWNLOAD
xgetc(freshmeat) xgetc xgetc is command line tool to get the geometry,... DOWNLOAD
java-ml(freshmeat) Java Machine Learning Library The Java Machine Learning Library is a set of r... DOWNLOAD
rancho(freshmeat) Rancho Rancho lets you easily manage projects and grou... DOWNLOAD
grid_broker(freshmeat) Generic Grid Broker The Generic Grid Broker component acts as a met... DOWNLOAD
tubaina(freshmeat) Tubaina Tubaina is a textbook generator that uses a sim... DOWNLOAD
unixodbc(freshmeat) unixODBC The unixODBC project provides Unix applications... DOWNLOAD
soht(freshmeat) SOHT SOHT (Socket over HTTP Tunneling) allows you to... DOWNLOAD
modproxyperlhtml(freshmeat) Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml is a mod_perl2 replac... DOWNLOAD
boxtream(freshmeat) boxtream Boxtream is both an audio and video encoder and... DOWNLOAD
frinika(freshmeat) Frinika Frinika is a free, complete music workstation p... DOWNLOAD
xaraya(freshmeat) Xaraya Xaraya is a fully dynamic, multi-platform conte... DOWNLOAD
fleaim(freshmeat) FleaIM FleaIM is a Web-based MSN messenger clone. It c... DOWNLOAD
rsxs(freshmeat) Really Slick XScreenSavers Really Slick XScreenSavers is a GLX port of the... DOWNLOAD
lilykde(freshmeat) LilyKDE LilyKDE is a set of tools to integrate the Lily... DOWNLOAD
zytouch(freshmeat) Zytouch Driver Zytouch Driver is a userspace driver for USB-co... DOWNLOAD
wxrem(freshmeat) wxRemind wxRemind is a wxPython-based front/back-end for... DOWNLOAD
jgrit(freshmeat) JGrit JGrit is a program that converts images from co... DOWNLOAD
osd_monitors(freshmeat) OSD Monitors OSD Monitors is a tool for those who prefer si... DOWNLOAD
darcs(freshmeat) darcs Darcs is an advanced revision control system. I... DOWNLOAD
fuselagefs(freshmeat) fuselagefs fuselagefs consists of a C++ wrapper class for ... DOWNLOAD
faceservice(freshmeat) faceservice.cgi faceservice.cgi is a CGI program for detecting ... DOWNLOAD
birt(freshmeat) Bulk Image Resizing Thing BIRT is a simple application that allows a larg... DOWNLOAD
yespaste(freshmeat) YesPaste! YesPaste! is a pastebin application written wit... DOWNLOAD
slurchin(freshmeat) Slurchin Slurchin is a Web interface to a Quickcam for N... DOWNLOAD
dev9(freshmeat) Dev9 Dev9 is a Linux /dev manager. The idea is to wr... DOWNLOAD
vaniglia(freshmeat) Vaniglia Vaniglia is a set of lightweight, specific-purp... DOWNLOAD
pydiction(freshmeat) pydiction Pydiction consists of a Vim plugin and a Python... DOWNLOAD
re-flex(freshmeat) relocalizable flex REFLEX (relocalizable flex) is an updated varia... DOWNLOAD
navalplan(freshmeat) LibrePlan LibrePlan is a Web application for project plan... DOWNLOAD
testicle(freshmeat) testicle testicle is a C++ unit test framework, choosing... DOWNLOAD
squid-sso-nufw(freshmeat) squid-nufw-helper squid-nufw-helper is an external ACL helper fo... DOWNLOAD
monpetitsite(freshmeat) Mon Petit Site Mon Petit Site is a Web site made to be a simpl... DOWNLOAD
ots(freshmeat) Open Text Summarizer Open Text Summarizer is an open source tool for... DOWNLOAD
libbonobo(freshmeat) libbonobo Bonobo is a set of language and system independ... DOWNLOAD
onlinepasswords(freshmeat) onlinepasswords onlinepasswords is a program to store and retri... DOWNLOAD
smansdataserver(freshmeat) Smans data server Smans server is a mobile content management sys... DOWNLOAD
nuxeowebengine(freshmeat) Nuxeo WebEngine WebEngine is a lightweight, versatile, content-... DOWNLOAD
sigmagrid(freshmeat) Sigma Grid Sigma Grid is an AJAX-based data grid for displ... DOWNLOAD
acct(freshmeat) GNU Accounting Utilities GNU Accounting Utilities is a set of utilities ... DOWNLOAD
dssh(freshmeat) Digmia Enterprise SSH DSSH was written as a direct replacement for th... DOWNLOAD
la-library(freshmeat) LA The LA library provides a C++ vector and matrix... DOWNLOAD
salvationfocus(freshmeat) Salvation Focus Salvation Focus is an application that encourag... DOWNLOAD
jquery-php(freshmeat) jQuery-PHP jQuery-PHP is a package that can be used to dev... DOWNLOAD
cssparser(freshmeat) CSSParser CSSParser is a class that evaluates a given CSS... DOWNLOAD
mftrace(freshmeat) mftrace mftrace is a small Python program that lets you... DOWNLOAD
poxelcoll(freshmeat) PoxelColl Poxelcoll is a library that provides easy, flex... DOWNLOAD
lazyj(freshmeat) LazyJ LazyJ is a rapid development framework for Java... DOWNLOAD
wmpower(freshmeat) wmpower wmpower is a Window Maker dock application allo... DOWNLOAD
apility(freshmeat) Google APIlity The APIlity PHP Library provides an object-orie... DOWNLOAD
phmagick(freshmeat) phMagick This class can be used to perform image manipul... DOWNLOAD
ofxp(freshmeat) Open Forex Platform Open Forex Platform is a financial instruments ... DOWNLOAD
pnmcurve(freshmeat) pnmcurve pnmcurve is a command line tool that applies to... DOWNLOAD
invertm3u(freshmeat) invertm3u invertm3u is a command line utility and Java li... DOWNLOAD
jnetpcap(freshmeat) jNetPcap jNetPcap is a Java library that is a wrapper ar... DOWNLOAD
satchmo(freshmeat) Satchmo Satchmo's mission is to use Django to create a ... DOWNLOAD
mod_auth_citadel(freshmeat) mod_auth_citadel mod_auth_citadel is an Apache HTTPD authenticat... DOWNLOAD
libnetfilter_log(freshmeat) libnetfilter_log libnetfilter_log is a software library to inter... DOWNLOAD
genpo(freshmeat) GENPO GENPO (GENeral Purpose Organ) is a program whic... DOWNLOAD
apparix(freshmeat) apparix Apparix allows one to bookmark directories and ... DOWNLOAD
rss4jsp(freshmeat) rss4jsp rss4jsp provides a suite of JSP tags for consum... DOWNLOAD
helma(freshmeat) Helma Helma is a Web application framework for fast a... DOWNLOAD
sqlzma(freshmeat) sqlzma sqlzma is a patch against lzma and squashfs tha... DOWNLOAD
linuxlivescripts(freshmeat) Linux Live Linux Live is a set of bash scripts which allow... DOWNLOAD
scz(freshmeat) SCZ SCZ is a set of simple, portable, light-weight ... DOWNLOAD
c-library(freshmeat) C Library The C Library is a software library designed to... DOWNLOAD
megablock(freshmeat) MegaBlock MegaBlock is a Tetris clone. It runs on most re... DOWNLOAD
g3d(freshmeat) G3D G3D is a C++ library for game developers, rese... DOWNLOAD
mochikit(freshmeat) MochiKit MochiKit is a highly documented and well tested... DOWNLOAD
frogescape(freshmeat) Frog Escape Frog Escape is a clone of the classic Konami ga... DOWNLOAD
xguests(freshmeat) XGuests XGuests is a program to display useful informat... DOWNLOAD
openkm(freshmeat) OpenKM OpenKM is a document management system that is ... DOWNLOAD
wwan-helper(freshmeat) wwan-helper wwan-helper is a script that establishes a UMTS... DOWNLOAD
rap3(freshmeat) Rap3 Rap3 is an identity management suite with a Web... DOWNLOAD
gxconsole(freshmeat) gxconsole Gxconsole is a monitor of system console messag... DOWNLOAD
calife(freshmeat) Calife Calife is a small program that enable a system ... DOWNLOAD
phpbwmeter(freshmeat) PHP BWmeter PHP BWmeter is a small set of JavaScript/PHP sc... DOWNLOAD
folder2blog(freshmeat) folder2blog folder2blog is a minimalist blog engine based o... DOWNLOAD
openchart2(freshmeat) Openchart2 Openchart2 is a simple charting and plotting li... DOWNLOAD
dreambox-api(freshmeat) dreambox-api dreambox-api is a programmatic API for controll... DOWNLOAD
bonnie(freshmeat) bonnie++ Bonnie++ is based on the Bonnie hard drive benc... DOWNLOAD
firm_cparser(freshmeat) libfirm cparser cparser is a recursive descent C99 parser writt... DOWNLOAD
hackerwar(sfnet) Hacker war An old browser game created when i was young. T... DOWNLOAD
xen-shell(freshmeat) xen-shell xen-shell is a simple console program to allow ... DOWNLOAD
libfirm(freshmeat) libFirm libFirm is a library that provides an intermedi... DOWNLOAD
hulk(freshmeat) hulk hulk is a usable in-browser HTML editor. Runn... DOWNLOAD
gftp(freshmeat) gFTP gFTP is a free multithreaded file transfer clie... DOWNLOAD
veejay(freshmeat) Veejay Veejay is a visual instrument and real-time vid... DOWNLOAD
realtimeblog(freshmeat) RealtimeBlog From your Windows Mobile device, RealtimeBlog g... DOWNLOAD
thyrd(freshmeat) Thyrd Thyrd is an experimental, reflective, visual pr... DOWNLOAD
httping(freshmeat) httping httping is a "ping"-like tool for HTT... DOWNLOAD
simplecgihitcounter(freshmeat) Simple CGI Hit Counter Simple CGI Hit Counter is a self-contained hit ... DOWNLOAD
bsdftpd-ssl(freshmeat) BSDftpd-ssl BSDftpd-ssl is a secure and easy-to-use FTP ser... DOWNLOAD
fotofix(freshmeat) fotofix FotoFix is a very simple image viewer mostly fo... DOWNLOAD
jwpl(freshmeat) JWPL JWPL is a language independent, database-driven... DOWNLOAD
configpy(freshmeat) configpy configpy is a config file parser with variable ... DOWNLOAD
mrxvt(freshmeat) Mrxvt Mrxvt (previously known as materm) is a multi-t... DOWNLOAD
irssi(freshmeat) irssi Irssi is a modular, terminal-based IRC client w... DOWNLOAD
simbitlbee(freshmeat) simple instant messaging sim (simple instant messaging) is an IRC client... DOWNLOAD

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