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MINIX is a free UNIX clone that is available with all the source code. Due to its small size, microkernel-based design, and ample documentation, it is well suited to people who want to run a UNIX-like system on their personal computer and learn about how such systems work inside. It is possible for a person unfamiliar with operating system internals to understand nearly the entire system after just a few months use and study.

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PLD Live CD is a bootable CD that contains a live Linux distribution based on the PLD Linux distribution. It uses squashfs transparent compression to fit huge amount of packages on a single CD, including OpenOffice, KDE, Gnome, WindowMaker, XFCE, and many more. It also includes a set of scripts for detecting hardware such SCSI, IDE, monitors, and sound, graphic, and network cards. It also supports 'profiles' that let you store your settings on a floppy.

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acpi4asus is a Linux kernel module and user-space
daemon that handles special keys, LEDs, and extra
ACPI features found on Asus laptops. It has been
reported to work on Asus A1X/D1/L1X/L2X/L3X/M2X/S1X, but other models should also be supported.

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Enhanced Linux Progress Patch

ELPP (Enhanced Linux Progress Patch) is a patch to the Linux
Kernel. It hides the boot messages and shows a logo, a
progress bar and a few configurable messages with success,
warning, and failure icons instead.

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