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Bandwidth Management Tools

Bandwidth Management Tools is a total bandwidth
management solution for Linux and can be used for firewalling, traffic graphing, and shaping. It is not based on any currently-available bandwidth management software and supports packet queues, bursting, complex traffic flow hierarchies, flow groups, traffic logging, and a simple real-time monitoring front-end.

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GroundWork Monitor Community Edition

GroundWork Monitor Community Edition can give you insight into your computing infrastructure, allowing you to see the current and historical states of all your computers: servers, desktops, and laptops, all of your network devices, all of your services (like TCP/IP and Web services), and all of your applications (like mail servers and database apps). You can choose to be alerted when something goes awry via pager, SMS, email, or phone, and even set up automatic restarts or fall-overs.

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CCZE is a robust and modular log colorizer with plugins for apm, exim, fetchmail, httpd, postfix, procmail, squid, syslog, ulogd, vsftpd, xferlog, and more.

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Logcheck parses system logs and generates email
reports based on anomalies. Anomolies can be
defined by users with 'violations' files. It
differentiates between 'Active System Attacks',
'Security Violations', and 'Unusual Activity', and is
smart enough to remember where in the log it
stopped processing to improve efficiency. It can
also warn when log files shrink, and does not report
errors when they are rotated.

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php-syslog-ng is a front-end for viewing syslog-ng messages logged to MySQL in real-time. It features customized searches based on device, time, priority, message, and date.

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The Logfile Navigator, lnav for short, is a curses-based tool for viewing and analyzing log files. The value added by lnav over text viewers or editors is that it takes advantage of any semantic information that can be gleaned from the log file, such as timestamps and log levels. Using this extra semantic information, lnav can do things like interleaving messages from different files, generate histograms of messages over time, and provide hotkeys for navigating through the file. These features are meant to allow the user to quickly and efficiently focus on problems.

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DIY Zoning

DIY Zoning is a set of tools and instructions for controlling a state-of-the-art HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. It covers airflow balancing, temperature control and zoning, energy conservation measures, remote access, 1-wire devices, and home automation.

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Beobachter is a file monitor, usually used to
watch log files. It has a Java Swing interface
that allows the user to customize the highlighting
of the logs depending on the log type. It is a
very simple, multi-platform, fast, and practical

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RLog provides a flexible message logging facility
for C++ programs and libraries. It is
subscription based, meaning you can subscribe to
messages of your choice in an number of ways: by
hierarchical channel name (e.g. "debug", "debug/
special", "error", etc.), or filename, component
name, etc. Log messages are individually enabled.
It is meant to be fast enough to leave in
production code - even where it may be called
many times, as both the GCC and Intel compilers
reduce the logging overhead a few clock cycles if
they are dormant (with no subscribers). Other
add-on components can extend subscriptions to
external programs, allowing you to enable and
collect debugging messages remotely.

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System Configuration Collector for Windows

System Configuration Collector for Windows
collects configuration data
from Windows systems and compares the data with
the previous run.
Differences are added to a logbook, and all data
can be sent to the
server part of SCC.

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Lire is a pluggable log analyzer. It has analyzers for over 25 log file formats, ranging from Apache WWW log files to iptables firewall logs and CUPS printing logs. Reports are generated in 9 different output formats, ranging from Excel 95 to PDF to HTML, optionally with included graphs.

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Logrep is a secure multi-platform tool for the collection, extraction, and presentation of information from various log files. It features HTML reports, multi-dimensional analysis, overview pages, SSH communication, and graphs, and supports 25 popular systems including Snort, Squid, Postfix, Apache, Sendmail, syslog, iptables/ipchains, xferlog, NT event logs, Firewall-1, wtmp, Oracle listener, and Pix.

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smartmontools contains utilities that control and monitor storage devices using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) system built into ATA and SCSI hard drives. This is used to check the reliability of the hard drive and to predict drive failures. Version 5.x is designed to comply with the ATA/ATAPI-5 specification. Future releases will comply with the ATA/ATAPI-6 and ATA/ATAPI-7 specifications. It is meant to be an up-to-date replacement for the ucsc-smartsuite and smartsuite packages, and is derived from that code.

Última Atualização: 2001-05-10 02:57


fireparse is an ADMLogger plugin that emails a report of all packets that have been logged by the kernel's packet filtering subsystem (iptables/netfilter
or ipchains). The report includes source and destination ports, direction, logged packet count, matched rule, and fully resolved host names (if
available). The email report can be formatted to plain text or a colored HTML table.

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