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Lilith Logback event viewer

Lilith is a logging and access event viewer for
the Logback logging framework. It has features
comparable to Chainsaw, a logging event viewer for
log4j. This means that it can receive logging
events from remote applications using Logback as
their logging backend. It uses files to buffer the
received events locally, so it is possible to keep
vast amounts of logging events at your fingertip
while still being able to check only the ones you
are really interested in by using filtering

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smartmontools contains utilities that control and monitor storage devices using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) system built into ATA and SCSI hard drives. This is used to check the reliability of the hard drive and to predict drive failures. Version 5.x is designed to comply with the ATA/ATAPI-5 specification. Future releases will comply with the ATA/ATAPI-6 and ATA/ATAPI-7 specifications. It is meant to be an up-to-date replacement for the ucsc-smartsuite and smartsuite packages, and is derived from that code.

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Nagios Appender

NagiosAppender is a pure Java implementation of a Log4j appender that allows the developer/administrator to send log records to Nagios via the NCSA server (using the push model). It provides a simple solution for Nagios administrators whose only alternative is to implement a polling function against against the output of a standard Log4j appender. The log4j configuration file provides for user-specific mappings between Log4j levels and Nagios levels. The configuration file also allows the user to select whether to set the Nagios 'service' and 'host' programmatically via Log4j MDC, or via the config file. Later releases support XOR encryption.

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Lestat is a simple system which is designed to
allow trends in port scans to be identified and
displayed in a simple manner. The system comprises
a Perl agent which collects packets and logs them
to a database, and a presentation layer which
draws graphs and presents a GUI via PHP.

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justniffer is a TCP packet sniffer. It captures TCP packets, reassembles and reorders them, performs IP packet defragmentation and displays the TCP flow in the standard output. It is useful for logging HTTP network traffic in a "standard" (Web server like) or in a customized way. It can log the performance of network services (such as Web server response time or keep-alive behavior). It can be extended by scripts. One is provided for storing all captured HTTP content (such as images, JavaScript, CSS, or HTML) into files.

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Chucho is a C++11 logging framework based on the popular Java library "Logback".

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Bubblegum is a daemon written in C which watches a file's access, modification and inode change times, and MD5 checksums. It can run a command (a specified number of times) with info expansions, read files from a filelist, log to a file or syslogd, and more.

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SNMP Trap Translator

SNMPTT is an SNMP trap handler written in Perl for
use with the NET-SNMP/UCD-SNMP snmptrapd program.
Received traps are translated into friendly
messages using variable substitution. Output can
be to STDOUT, text log file, syslog, NT Event Log,
MySQL (Linux/Windows), PostgreSQL, or an ODBC
database. User defined programs can also be

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FWReport is a log parser and reporting tool for
IPTables. It generates daily and monthy summaries
of the log files, allowing the admin to free up
substantial time, maintain better control over
security of the network, and reduce unnoticed attacks.

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log4cplus is a simple to use C++ logging API providing thread-safe, flexible, and arbitrarily granular control over log management and configuration. It is modeled after the Java log4j API.

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ZedLog is a robust cross-platform input logging tool (A.K.A., a key logger). It is based on a flexible data logging system which makes it easy to get the required data. It features logging of all keyboard and mouse events, a replay simulation tool, logging to a file, and hiding in the background.

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Modular syslog

The modular syslog allows for an easy implementation of input and output modules. The modules that mantain compatibility with its precursor are included in the standard distribution along with four modules: om_peo (an implementation of PEO-1 and L-PEO, two algorithmic protocols for integrity checking), om_mysql and om_pgsql (modules that sends output to a mysql and postgresql database, respectively) and om_regex (a module that allows output redirection using regular expressions).

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Network Tracker and Management

Network Tracker and Management is a Web-based
network management application. It can store
information about all of your network devices, and
allows you to track all changes and updates made
to the device. Having this information readily
available will enhance your ability to
troubleshoot network problems.

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sudosh2 is an auditing shell and filter, and can
be used as a login shell. It records all
keystrokes and output and can play back the
session. It is a continuation of the development
of sudosh.

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