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MaxiCom is a simple serial port terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop. The primary goals of the project are simplicity and usability. MaxiCom currently implements terminal emulation and X/YMODEM file transfers.

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Libfairydust is a small wrapper library intended for use with GPU clusters that 'hijacks' CUDA and OpenCL calls. It can be used to 're-route' calls to a certain GPU, so a process requesting GPU#0 might end up running on GPU#4 without knowing (or caring) about it. This works completely transparently and does not need any sort of 'cooperation' from the application, changes to code, or relinking.

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zhcon is a fast console CJK environment. It can display
Chinese, Japanese, or Korean double byte characters
on framebuffer device. Supported language encodings
include GB2312, GBK, BIG5, JIS, and KSCM. Several
common Chinese input methods are included.

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Keyplex is a keyboard multiplexer for X11
terminals. It will spawn a number of terminals,
and when it has focus it relays all keystrokes and
mouse button 2 (paste) to them.

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Última Atualização: 2005-10-11 04:23

The Kava Telnet Application

The Kava Telnet Application is complete telnet and
SSH application featuring pluggable modules for
easy customization. It is based on the JTA project.

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Webtap is a small command line tool inspired by
Mozilla Firefox's "Keyword Shortcuts" feature. Its
purpose is to facilitate similar keyword based Web
browsing from the command line, as a CLI driven
front end to your Web browser. The distribution
includes a Bash programmable completion file with
all of the program's common options as well as the
ability to tab through the available keywords.

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Última Atualização: 2005-01-08 03:56

JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller

JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller is a Java API
for controlling ANSI-compliant terminals and
terminal emulators such a Linux virtual terminals,
xterm, Gnome Terminal, and KDE Konsole. The
library can be used to display character styles
and colors and graphical characters in those
environments. It is a repackaging of various
JChassis modules into a standalone library that
does not require the JChassis SDK or framework.

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A self-contained package which allows use of a diskless, low-memory Sun SPARCstation (4c or 4m architecture) as an Xterminal client. The server can be almost any other system which has tftpboot capability. This package is 100% Linux. There are no Sun binaries or libraries included or needed. If you have a system with no disk, or perhaps an IPC which suffers from the dreaded "slowdown" bug, this is the package for you.

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konsoledcopschema is a script that automatically
set the desired Konsole schema when certain
applications are executed. For example, when the
user runs Vim with the script installed, the
Konsole schema is switched to "VIM Colors" for as
long as the user is in Vim. The script also
includes support for less, man, info, watch, top,
and htop.

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CGTerm is a set of telnet and chat clients that emulate the
PETSCII display of Commodore's 8-bit computers, with
colours and the correct font.

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Rdclient is another GUI for RDesktop. It is
written with KDE/Qt and it looks like the MS TSE
Client. It supports seamless RDP with seamless

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Última Atualização: 2002-07-25 16:49


3dterm is a 3D terminal-emulator which uses GLF and GLUT. It emulates rxvt in a quite unconventional manner.

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Última Atualização: 2006-04-18 13:29


The MILLE-XTERM project's goal is to provide a
robust, flexible, and scalable infrastructure for
massive deployment of X-terminals. Ir will provide
a practical solution to the management of
thousands of X-Terminals in a school district (for

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Última Atualização: 2001-07-28 13:04

vdt52 VNC Viewer

vt52vnc is a VNC viewer which can be used on prehistoric green
monochromatic terminals called vdt52s, which are capable of vector
graphics. It is functional and nicely displays X on the terminal, but
without the routines for dithering, compression, and password
support. Its architecture provides a framework to add those features
if needed.

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