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Elemental is a C++ framework for distributed-memory dense linear algebra that strives to be fast, portable, and programmable. It can be thought of as a generalization of PLAPACK to element-by-element distributions that also makes use of recent algorithmic advances from the FLAME project. Elemental usually outperforms both PLAPACK and ScaLAPACK, however, it heavily relies on MPI collectives so a good MPI implementation is crucial. Both pure MPI and hybrid OpenMP-MPI configurations are supported.

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WCSLIB is a C library, supplied with a full set of Fortran wrappers, which implements the "World Coordinate System" (WCS) standard in FITS (Flexible Image Transport System). It also includes a PGPLOT-based routine, PGSBOX, for drawing general curvilinear coordinate graticules, and a number of utility programs. The FITS "World Coordinate System" (WCS) convention defines keywords and usage which provide descriptions of astronomical coordinate systems in a FITS image header.

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Dynamic Probe Class Library

Dynamic Probe Class Library (DPCL) is an object-based C++ class library that provides the necessary infrastructure to allow tool developers and sophisticated tool users to build parallel and serial tools through technology called dynamic instrumentation. DPCL takes the basic components needed by tool developers and encapsulates them into C++ classes. Each of these classes provide the member functions necessary to interact and dynamically instrument a running application with software patches called probes. Dynamic instrumentation provides the flexibility for tools to insert probes into applications as the application is running and only where it is needed.

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Sistema Operacional: POSIX (Linux,BSD,Solaris etc..), AIX, Linux
Linguagem de Programação: C, C++, Fortran
Interface de Usuário: Toolkits/Libraries
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binfmtc implements handlers for C and other
languages, which are usually compiled. The program
utilizes the Linux binfmt-misc feature to
dynamically compile and execute C programs as if
they were scripts. It supports C, C++, Java,
Pascal, Fortran, and assembler.

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Written with the noweb literate programming tool,
BaseEncode provides a framework for portable
encoding and decoding of data in text files,
somewhat similar to uuencoded arithmetic coding.
By using statistical knowledge, some amount of
compression can also be achieved. The algorithm is
designed to be highly portable: only 16-bit signed
integers are assumed. Output comes in the form of
a Fortran-90 module, but translation to other
languages is trivial.

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MMTL (Multilayer Multiconductor Transmission
Line) is a 2-D and 2.5-D electromagnetic
modeling tool suite. It generates transmission
parameters and SPICE models from
descriptions of electronics interconnect
dimensions and materials properties.

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OpenXyce is a parallel circuit simulator that was forked from the Xyce circuit simulation software from Sandia National Laboratories. It features parallel circuit simulation using MPI, SPICE compatible Netlists, and standard simulation algorithms, including harmonic balance.

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The ECMWF GRIB API is an application program interface accessible from C and FORTRAN programs developed for encoding and decoding WMO FM-92 GRIB edition 1 and edition 2 messages. A useful set of command line tools is also provided to give quick access to GRIB messages.

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libfgz is a small Fortran library to read gzipped files. It can read binary and ASCII files, and even unformatted, gzipped stream files.

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GSEGYView is a viewer for seismic data in SEG-Y
format, its modifications, and many other related
formats aimed to store either petroleum
exploration data or seismology data. GSEGYView
features graphics hardware acceleration via OpenGL
for seismic data rendering, wiggle, variable area
and variable density seismic traces
representation, two-level sorting of seismic
traces by arbitratry keys in trace headers,
multiple windows for multiple files with separate
display parameters, easy seismic section
navigation and zoom with mouse wheel support, and

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DungeonX is a text-based game where your immediate
goal is to come out alive and win.

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Suprangen is a library of pseudorandom number generators for Monte Carlo simulations and similar applications. It includes uniform and normal double precision generators with 32 or 52 random bits, Fortran 90 interfaces, and interfaces to GSL.

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OpenMPF is a library for solving large, dense, multi-RHS linear systems. It is based on MPI/openMP parallelism, and relies on BLAS/LAPACK/MUMPS for the single node computations. It implements direct and iterative solvers, out-of-core matrices and vectors, and is easily accessible through a Python interface.

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HEALPix is a set of scientific tools implementing the Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelation of the sphere. As suggested in the name, this pixelation produces a subdivision of a spherical surface in which
every single pixel covers the same surface area. HEALPix provides various programs and libraries in C, C++, Fortran, GDL/IDL, Java, and Python which facilitate discretization, simulation, processing, analysis, and visualization of data on the sphere up to very high resolution. It is the state-of-the-art program used
in astronomy and cosmology to deal with massive full-sky data sets.

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FORTRAN Sudoku is a Sudoku solver that runs on the command line.