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TinyDYN is a package of client and server software for operating
dynamic DNS services. It enables anyone to run dynamic DNS services
using strong authentication or to be a client of someone using TinyDYN
as a dynamic IP management system. The clients can communicate
directly by UDP with the server, by email, or by any other transport
the admin can imagine, as the mechanism is quite straightforward.

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Última Atualização: 2005-11-09 14:27


WWW::NanoRef is a Perl module that uses the API
published by to produce shortened URLs.

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Última Atualização: 2003-06-30 06:23


OpenIsis provides a library and tools to access
CDS/ISIS databases, which are mostly used for
bibliographic data (ISO2709, Z39.50) but also well
suited for other catalogues due to the very
flexible indexing mechanism. Based on a C library,
there are also bindings for Perl and Java (Tcl to

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Última Atualização: 2003-07-28 00:48


Rec is a small app written in Perl to keep track
of recipes.

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Última Atualização: 2005-04-20 10:59


NatRail provides an easy way to find UK train
times. It requests your journey details from the
National Rail Web site and presents the
information in an easy-to-use form, either on the
command line or via the Web.

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Última Atualização: 2001-12-21 17:39

Batch-Apache Module

Batch-Apache Module simplifies the task of adding
a number of virtual domains to a Web server. Once
some initial information is given, the admin may add
any number of domains in one step. This module
can be chained together with the Batch-DNS
module, so that Master and Slave DNS can be set
up for all domains in one step each.

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Última Atualização: 2009-10-29 14:03


pfloghtml is a simple and quick log parsing program for Packet Filter log files. pfloghtml can be used for viewing PF logs via Web interface.

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Sistema Operacional: OpenBSD
Linguagem de Programação: Perl
Última Atualização: 2010-01-08 18:32


DBENGINE is a management system for using the database system PostgreSQL via browsers like Firefox.
You can build multiple databases and configure and use them without logging into the server system. To use the databases, you only need a browser. The system gives you the ability to add own procedure for designing listings and input formulas. You can use binary large objects like any other type of field.

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Database Environment: PostgreSQL (pgsql)
Linguagem Natural: English, German
Linguagem de Programação: Perl
Última Atualização: 2002-08-03 14:58


The ausadmin project is designed to automate the
maintenance of USENET newsgroup hierarchies (such
as aus.*) and provide end-users with useful online
information regarding all the newsgroups in the
hierarchy as well as proposals (Request For
Discussion and Call For Votes). It consists of a
software package and a Web site package. The
software implements Perl classes which maintain
data structures representing existing newsgroups
and proposals for new newsgroups, and the Web site
is mostly dynamically generated by Perl CGI and
PHP code which reads the data structures mentioned
above. The Web site is intended to provide the
user with as much information as possible about
the newsgroups which are under management.

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KGSSueMe aims to provide a sample implementation
of a client for the popular Kiseido Go Server.
The project stresses documenting the protocol by
giving developers code, so that they can write
their own clients, rather than to provide a
featureful client.

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