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G-Kermit is a Unix program for transferring files with the Kermit protocol. It only supports bare-bones file transfer, to be used on the remote end of the connection.

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KBACKUP is intended for handling of backups no
matter whether they reside on disk or tape or even
in files. As most other backup programs available
today are either confusing the user with lots of
long command line options, or user friendly but not
powerful at all, the aim behind writing KBACKUP was
to provide a user friendly yet powerful backup
program. It is also intended to be kept compatible
to existing and well proven archive formats, so you
can restore your archives even if you should not
have KBACKUP around anymore.

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ctris is a Tetris clone for the console. It uses
the ncurses library.

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popexec is a program for Unix/Linux which checks a POP e-mail account and then runs a program whenever new e-mail arrives. It can also optionally run a program when it sees that you no longer have new e-mail in your POP box. Examples are included which show you how to: Write "You have mail" or "You have X new messages" to a terminal, make a terminal beep, play an audio file, pop an X window onto the screen, make your keyboard LEDs blink, change your desktop background.

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EGO is a program to perform molecular dynamics simulations on parallel as well as on sequential computers. Supported parallel machines include the Hitachi SR8000, CRAY-T3E, IBM-SP2, Fujitsu VPP700, Parsytec-CC under PARIX, and inhomogeneous clusters of UNIX workstations under PVM or MPI. EGO also runs sequentially on any decent UNIX workstation, even Windows95/NT PC's (with a GNU-C compiler) can be used.

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バリーは、RIM の !BlackBerry のハンドヘルド機とのインタ フェースは、アプリケーションのスイートです。それは探索し、迅速なバックアップを作成する、デバイスと GUI の管理用コマンド ライン ツールが付属しています。このプロジェクトの目標は、使いやすいデスクトップの経験を作成して完全に機能、携帯用の C++ ライブラリに基づく Linux や BSD/Mac 上のメカニズムを同期します。

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Wistumbler 2

WiStumbler2 is a fork of the original wistumbler. This fork was motivated by the lack of communication of the original author (Isao SEKI). Some add-ons were switched to GTK2. Support for console mode was added. Log-saving on the fly is now allowed. Some GPS pointers that caused segfaults were patched. It also features speaker beeps like those in windows-stumbler.

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