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Última Atualização: 2001-10-04 13:23

Open Simp-X

Open Simp-X is a powerful Internet platform for everyone, attempting to change
programming for the Internet with sharing database information. It strives for
scalablility, reliability, and ease of use. The platform consists of a
client/server pair. Security is a top priority, and data transfers are
encrypted. Open Simp-X achieves scalability through plugins. Plugins can
collect information, manipulate it, and send it back to the database. Writing
plugins is easy since they do not have to worry about how to send or receive
their information, and can focus on manipulating it. Open Simp-X can be set up
to retreive data through a LAN or through a Web server.

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Última Atualização: 2008-01-21 13:29

Turquoise SuperStat

Turquoise SuperStat reads the contents of a Fidonet message area in one of its supported formats or Usenet news groups and creates toplists over massive quoters, senders, original content per message, Fidonet nets (Fidonet only), Internet topdomains, receivers (Fidonet only), subjects, and used software, as well as graphs over posting by weekday and time of day. It supports Squish, *.MSG, FDAPX/w, JAM, MyPoint, and tanstaafl's message area base format, as well as Usenet news groups over NNTP or in news spools. Command line and GUI versions are included.

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Última Atualização: 2004-11-07 00:26


Rexx/gd is a Rexx extension which wraps the functionality of the GD library. It enables the creation and manipulation of graphics images in PNG, JPEG, and GIF formats.

Última Atualização: 2005-01-30 00:59


RNtrack is a mail tracker/router for FidoNet-like
networks. It's purpose is to process netmail on
netmail hubs, though it can be useful for an
ordinary node. It takes a letter, compares it with
a mask and, if comparison was successful, it
executes the corresponding operation with this
letter. It works with popular message bases, MSG,
PKT, Squish, and JAM.

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Última Atualização: 2003-06-23 14:26


hp2xx is a versatile tool to convert vector-oriented graphics data given in Hewlett-Packard's HP-GL (a.k.a. HPGL) plotter language into a variety of popular both vector- and raster-oriented graphics formats. The various supported output formats include Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), PCX, IMG, and several formats intended to facilitate the generation of graphics within TeX documents. In addition, hp2xx output is printable on the HP Laserjet/Deskjet printer series, and it may be used as a HP-GL previewer on many platforms, e.g. X11 and DOS (VGA).

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Última Atualização: 2010-08-15 05:40


Ved (visual editor) is a small and very fast screen-oriented text editor that implements a user interface somewhere between vi and Emacs. It is powerful and easy to learn, and has no limitations on line length, file size, or the types of characters that may appear in a file. It is a highly portable editor for Unix and most other OSes.

Última Atualização: 2004-01-28 14:25


tavrasm is an assembler for the Atmel AVR series of microcontrollers. It compiles code written for Atmels AVR DOS assembler. Other features include macros in macros, 'C' escape characters in char/string literals.

Última Atualização: 2004-02-25 13:56


StormSiren is a personal severe weather monitoring
tool that communicates information from National
Weather Service issued bulletins on potential and
imminent hazardous weather. When such bulletins
are detected, the program sends a concise summary
of the alert to one or more devices, including
pagers, SMS-capable wireless phones, or e-mail
accounts. The summaries are designed to fit within
a 160 character display and contain the type of
hazard, the affected counties and cities defined
by the user, and the issue and expiration times of
the bulletin.

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Última Atualização: 2005-08-17 10:59


ParaIrc is a simple IRC client with all needed features.

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Última Atualização: 2009-11-14 13:26


Basqet is a tool for organizing notes, ideas, and information using a baskets concept. It supports text, pictures, and HTML links. and allows arrows to be used to connect notes. It was inspired by KDE Basket and Microsoft OneNote.

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Última Atualização: 2013-04-25 09:04

Peg Solitaire

Peg Solitaire is a board game played with pegs: in the classic mode, the board has 33 positions and 32 tokens because the center position is without form. The objective of Peg Solitaire is to remove the pegs but only with horizontal and vertical movements. It is also known as English peg solitaire or Senku. In the reverse modes, initially there is only one piece on the board.

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Linguagem Natural: Catalan, English, Portuguese, Spanish
Sistema Operacional: Linux, Windows, OS/2
Linguagem de Programação: C++
Interface de Usuário: Qt
Última Atualização: 2004-10-12 10:11

Light-Weight Visual Components Library

Light-Weight Visual Components Library (LwVCL) is a powerful, small, fast, efficient, framework of visual components that provides a rich set of customizable, flexible user interface components. There are versions for J2SE/J2ME Personal Profile, J2ME MIDP, .NET, and SWT. This provides a unified GUI framework for different platforms that provides the same API, the same concepts, and the same look and feel.