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sdd is a replacement for a program called 'dd'. sdd is much faster than dd in cases where input block size (ibs) is not equal to the output block size (obs). Statistics are more easily understood than those from 'dd'. Timing available, -time option will print transfer speed Timing & Statistics available at any time with SIGQUIT (^\) Can seek on input and output Fast null input Fast null output. Support for the RMT (Remote Tape Server) protocol makes remote I/O fast and easy.

Última Atualização: 2007-07-09 11:31


pngcheck is the official PNG tester and debugger. Originally designed simply to test the CRCs within a PNG image file (e.g., to check for ASCII rather than binary transfer), it has since been extended to check and optionally print almost all the information about a PNG image and to verify that it conforms to the PNG specification. It also includes partial support for MNG animations.

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GramoFile is intended primarily for transferring gramophone records to CDs, but has many other possible uses. It can record very long .wav files with a bargraph signal peak-level meter, playback any part of the files, split long .wav files into separate tracks (with automatic track location), and process the signal with filters to reduce ticks and pops (multiple filters are provided, they can be applied in any order (multiple instances) with user-adjustable parameters). Track splitting and signal processing are done in the same run, and don't need any temporary files.

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FIGlet is a program for making large letters out of ordinary text. It prints its input using large characters made up of ordinary screen characters. FIGlet output is generally reminiscent of the sort of "signatures" many people like to put at the end of email and UseNet messages. It is also reminiscent of the output of some banner programs, although it is oriented normally, not sideways.

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sfind is a highly portable and fully POSIX.1-2001 compliant implementation of the "find" utility. It implements features like "-ls" and "-exec program ... {} +" (the latter is the POSIX built in "xargs"). It has no limitations on path length. Directory loops caused by hard-linked directories are handled gracefully.

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cadaver is a command-line WebDAV client. It supports resource upload/download/display, namespace operations (copy/move), collection deletion/creation, property manipulation, and locking operations.

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Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy

The Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) Server project
aims to create an open source platform independent
SMTP Proxy server which implements whitelists, Bayesian, and virus filtering to help stop unsolicited
commercial email (UCE). Anti-spam tools should be
adaptive to new spam and customized for each
site’s email patterns. This easy to use tool works
with any mail transport and achieves these goals
requiring no operator intervention after the
initial setup phase.

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Última Atualização: 2004-12-15 11:54


Namazu is a full-text search system intended for easy use. Not only does it work as a small or medium scale Web search engine, but also as a personal search system for email or other files. Supported document types: HTML, Mail/News, MHonArc, RFC, TeX (with detex), man (with groff), Word (with wvWare), PDF (with pdftotext) and plain text.

Última Atualização: 2005-05-17 09:19


Makefiles is a high-level build system and suite of portability tools. It is
meant to be easier to use than autoconf and generally superior. The package
contains a set of rules that allows you to compile structured projects with
small and uniformly structured makefiles. All rules are located in a central
directory. Compiling the projects on different platforms can be done
simultaneously without having to modify any of the makefiles that are located
in the projects directories.

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C_Sane is a C++ wrapper for the SANE library.

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Última Atualização: 2010-09-07 21:57


OpenPref is an implementation of Preferans, a European trick-taking game against two virtual players. Currently it allows you to play the Sochi version of Preferans, allowing you to change some game conventions. Two alternative AIs are available.

Linguagem Natural: English, Russian
Sistema Operacional: FreeBSD, Linux, Windows, OS/2
Linguagem de Programação: C++
Última Atualização: 2003-09-02 07:36


flscan (Fast Light Scan) is a new frontend for the
SANE libraries and dlls. It can rotate images by
90° both clockwise and counter clockwise, flip
images both vertically and horizontally, correct
the horizontal aspect of the image, save aquired
images in JPEG or in PNG format, let you view
images even at full size after they've been
acquired, and potentially supports all the SANE

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Liferay is an enterprise portal. It handles users and portlet
drawing, has a full administrative interface, supports all the major
databases and the main J2EE application servers, and has single
sign-on capabilities and multiple language support. It uses Apache
Lucene for document searching. A number of portlets are included,
including a guestbook, a calendar, a mapping utility which uses
Expedia, news, polls, a document library, and live stock information.

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Última Atualização: 2003-03-30 06:45

AS Macroassembler

AS is a portable macro cross-assembler for a
variety of microprocessors and controllers. Though
it is mainly targeted at embedded processors and
single-board computers, you also find CPU families
in the target list that are used in workstations
and PCs.

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Última Atualização: 2001-02-27 12:54

Extended Universal Resource Library

The Extended Universal Resource Locator library provides a complete virtualization of file-like objects. How data is stored is completely transparent to the client, since the library is meant to replace It provides implementations for handling local files, Jar/Zip archives, and XML documents. (Implementations for CVS and FTP are available seperately.) Other storage providers can be written and plugged in. It also provides a merged filesystem implementation that allows multiple hierarchies to appear as one and to override each other in a controlled way. Other features include notification of changes to files, and support for attaching (dynamically updatable) actions to file objects.

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