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TotalCross (totally cross-platform) is a mobile development platform for PDAs and smartphones.
It makes it possible to develop portable Java applications that can be deployed on a wide range of smartphones without any adaptation in the source code.

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Última Atualização: 2001-09-07 10:10

PHP Mobile Mail

PHP Mobile Mail is aimed at mobile professionals
who want to use their favorite MUAs (noteably pine
or mutt) on their laptop, either in UNIX or Windows
(under GNU Gygwin). This lets you work offline. It
includes a mail_spooler program, which accepts the
output of you MUA and spools (on, or offline).
When connected, another process parses through
the spool and sends your messages. It is also
designed to "fake" using your REAL email address
with free services like, or,
when using their POP and SMTP servers, assuming
you have a domain and account that you can
control to this degree.

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Última Atualização: 2009-05-05 22:32

Hippo Mocks

Hippo Mocks is a very intuitive mocking framework that "just works". The design goals are to have the least amount of complexity in setting up, the least amount of surplus code to maintain, the most readable unit tests, and the most portable way to do all of those.

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Última Atualização: 2001-12-26 19:42

Compressed File Library

CFL (Compressed File Library) is meant for the save-files used by games, and other sorts of data files. Its features include pluggable class factories, easy CFL file creation at runtime, and the ability to have multiple separate CFL objects in memory at the same time. The package also includes a CFL testing tool to make it easier to port the library and to create additional plug-in compressors, preprocessors, and ciphers. It also includes a makecfl utility, which makes it easy to create ini files.

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Última Atualização: 2007-07-22 02:36


mobileUnit provides a testing environment
utilizing an NUnit interface for Microsoft .NET
Compact Framework V2.0 applications. Unit tests
can be run either within the emulator or upon the
handheld device itself. The UI allows selective
execution of tests.

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Última Atualização: 2005-01-08 03:56

JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller

JChassis ANSI Terminal Controller is a Java API
for controlling ANSI-compliant terminals and
terminal emulators such a Linux virtual terminals,
xterm, Gnome Terminal, and KDE Konsole. The
library can be used to display character styles
and colors and graphical characters in those
environments. It is a repackaging of various
JChassis modules into a standalone library that
does not require the JChassis SDK or framework.

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Última Atualização: 2006-07-03 04:36


PsyncCE is an offline PDA/MDA client for
PHProjekt. It supports synchronization of
appointments, contacts, and tasks and allows
offline collection of timecard entries. It
synchronizes directly over the Internet using the
PHProjekt SOAP backend.

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Última Atualização: 2008-12-06 21:52


Sunscape is a screen saver and locker for PocketPC
mobile devices. It is similar to the iPhone slide
to unlock feature, but targets the Windows Mobile
system. It provides an interface that displays
configurable information about the handheld
device. The graphics used are completely
replaceable, allowing users to build their
preferred custom interface. The main goals are to
keep Sunscape completely configurable to the user
as well as maintaining a very low memory

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MundoCore is a lightweight and easy-to-use communication middleware to integrate heterogeneous software systems, consisting of services written in different programming languages and running on different operating systems. It also offers specific support for mobile and ubiquitous computing environments.

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Sistema Operacional: Android, MacOS, Linux, Windows, Windows CE
Linguagem de Programação: Java
Interface de Usuário: Toolkits/Libraries
Última Atualização: 2009-03-17 14:37

Web Work Remote

Web Work Remote allows operations and maintenance
managers to exchange information easily and more
efficiently to increase workflow, create greater
efficiency, and improve profitability. Any remote
device that supports standard Web browsing can
connect in real-time to the CMMS/EAMS database. It
can be used to record and recall asset data; to
review, order, and monitor inventory and spare
parts data; to monitor project status and material
or labor assignments; to route work assignments
and personnel; to update field personnel; and to
automatically record time and materials as

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Database Environment: SQL-based
Licença: W3C License
Sistema Operacional: Windows, Windows, Windows, Windows, Windows CE
Linguagem de Programação: ASP
Última Atualização: 2008-03-22 05:28


FlipSlide is a GUI and new interface for Windows
Mobile PDAs and smart phones. Its main objective
is to allow for an intuitive, beautiful sliding
interface with big buttons and no need to use a

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Última Atualização: 2007-04-16 14:08

Super Waba Collections

SWCollections is a port of the popular java.util
classes to the SuperWaba platform, since SuperWaba
doesn't include Collections support by itself.
The classes were taken from the GNU Classpath

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Última Atualização: 2010-03-13 09:24


Piccolo2D is a toolkit that supports the development of 2D structured graphics programs, in general, and Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs), in particular. A ZUI is a new kind of interface that presents a huge canvas of information on a traditional computer display by letting the user smoothly zoom in to get more detailed information and zoom out for an overview. It uses a "scene-graph" model that is common to 3D environments. This means that Piccolo maintains a hierarchical structure of objects and cameras.

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Última Atualização: 2005-11-20 20:51

pocketpc crosscompiler from x86 linux

pocketpc crosscompiler from x86 linux is a binary version of the GNU toolchain (gcc and its friends) to be able to compile programs on an x86 Linux machine and run them on a PocketPC (Windows CE PDA with an ARM (a.k.a Xscale) processor).

Última Atualização: 2003-03-11 01:02

Invisible IRC Project

IIP (Invisible IRC Project) is Internet Relay Chat privacy software designed for anonymity and security. It acts as an advanced proxy between your IRC client and servers by utilizing an encrypted mixnet with fake traffic and 3- layered (user, relay, and broadcast) protection.