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HyperList.vim is a Vim plugin for handling HyperLists. HyperList is a methodology to describe anything: any state, item(s), pattern, action, process, transition, program, instruction set, etc. HyperList can be used as an outliner, a TODO-list solution, a project management tool, a business process management aid, a data modeler, a use case facilitator, or for any other application that makes use of descriptions of states or transitions. This plugin does both highlighting and various automatic handling of HyperList, like collapsing lists or parts of lists in a sophisticated way. Since HyperList.vim can also encrypt your lists, it can be used as a very structured password safe.

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QStode is a Web application which allows registered users to store bookmarks (like the old categorized by tags.

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Recave is a content management system (CMS), Web portal system, storytelling software, blog or news system, online community, or whatever you want to call it. It makes it easy to create an online community with features including Web based admin, surveys, top page, access stats page with counter, user customizable box, customizable themes, friendly administration GUI, topic manager, a complete articles and comments system with moderation system, referer tracking, page creation and manager, customizable HTML blocks, a banner ad system, search engine, and backend/headlines generation.

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Database Environment: SQL-based
Linguagem Natural: English, Spanish
Sistema Operacional: MacOSX, FreeBSD, Linux, Windows
Linguagem de Programação: PHP
Interface de Usuário: Web Environment
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rarch (Removable Archive) is a program that keeps a database of archives on removable media (i.e., CDs). It can be used to keep an archive of backup CDs, etc. It comes with a search function, easy archive creation functionality, and other archive management functions. It does not create and manage the archives themselves; it only keeps a database of what files are on what archives, so that they can be searched.

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Curtain is a templating system akin to TAL, together with the METAL and Zope's i18n extensions. It's compiled, based on SAX, and thought to read and produce always well-formed XML. The syntax and semantics are kept very simple, and strive to be 100% tested and documented as a development principle.

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The local Message Bus (Mbus) is a light-weight
message-oriented coordination protocol for group
communication between application components. The
Mbus provides automatic location of communication
peers, subject based addressing, reliable message
transfer, and different types of communication
schemes. The protocol is layered on top of IP
multicast and is specified for IPv4 and IPv6. The
IP multicast scope is limited to link-local
multicast. The transport protocol mechanisms ware
defined in RFC 3259.

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junixsocket is a Java/JNI library that allows the use of Unix Domain Sockets (AF_UNIX sockets) from Java. In contrast to other implementations, junixsocket extends the Java Sockets API (,, etc.) and even supports RMI over AF_UNIX. It is also possible to use it in conjunction with Connector/J to connect to a local MySQL server via Unix domain sockets.

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Echoart responds to or drops ICMP echo request
packets based on a pre-defined sequence, and
could be used to return crude ASCII art in
response to pings from a Cisco router. It works
by intercepting ICMP echo request packets and
consulting a pattern template to determine
whether or not to respond to a specific echo
request. It then uses libnet to inject responses
back into the network as necessary.

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TinyMUSH is a text-based multi-user role-playing
environment, similar to many MUDs, except intended to be
more of a social environment than a combative game. It is a
descendant of TinyMUD, but after that the family history
gets complex.

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