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Cheesegrater + Portalizer

Cheesegrater is a simple framework for screen-
scraping HTML Web pages into RSS/XML, to provide
syndication for sites that do not provide their own RSS
feeds. Portalizer is a companion script that creates and
updates a simple HTML "portal" page from a set of RSS

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Última Atualização: 2003-05-07 18:28

Xml Test Suite

XmlTestSuite is an XML-based tool based on HttpUnit for testing complex Web applications using XML. It supports test driven development, database checking, XPath and JavaScript expressions, and can separate test data from test steps. The tests are also written in XML.

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Última Atualização: 2003-05-10 23:41


XPointerAPI is a Java API for XPointer. XPointer is a W3C standard for addressing into the internal structure of XML documents. It introduces new types of location, such as ranges and points. XPointerAPI is based on Xalan, which is the XSLT engine published by the Apache Software Foundation. This is one of the first implementations of the XPointer standard. It allows the execution of XPointer expressions on XML documents.

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Linguagem de Programação: Java
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txt2docbook allows you to convert an ASCII file to a valid docbook XML document. It simplifies the publishing of rather small papers significantly.

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gogoXML is a class library for PHP which makes it easier to read XML files into an "object tree" for traversal and use in PHP projects. It is also able to perform limited writing of XML.

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Última Atualização: 2003-05-21 05:51


Ft is a PHP class for working with template files. It
supports multiple (possibly nested) files and
dynamic blocks, and is similar to FastTemplate.

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spConfig is a C library for parsing
configuration files with a syntax similar to XML.

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