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Sieve is intended to be an editor for Sieve mail filtering scripts and a client for the ManageSieve protocol for Mac OS X.

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Última Atualização: 2003-12-08 13:23

Template Menu for Emacs

Template Menu is a package for GNU Emacs that adds
an "Insert Template" submenu to your Emacs File
menu. It relies on Christoph Wedler's template.el

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Última Atualização: 2007-07-06 04:35


Turner will turn your boring old source code (C, C++, or Java) into colorized HTML ready to be displayed on a web page. Along with colorizing the source code, turner will also bolden keywords and italicize comments, convert tabs to spaces and optionally insert assorted usefull bits of HTML stuff (a 'home' link or a 'last modified' entry). While it's not the first of it's kind, nor the most versatile, it is small, fast, and totally self contained.

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L2T extracts excerpts of Lisp (Scheme), C, or Perl code from files and incorporates them, for instance, into TeX files. It can also conveniently pretty-print or convert parenthetic Sexpressions into trees, drawings, Greek denotations, etc.

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DataReel is a free, cross-platform database and communications toolkit. It can
be used to rapidly develop and deploy multi-threaded database and
communications applications. The DataReel toolkit is composed of a modular C++
library designed to build cross-platform infrastructures for end-user
applications, embedded systems, and reusable libraries. DataReel's unique
modular design simplifies adaptation, allowing you to determine the level of
complexity. DataReel makes Internet connectivity and database programming easy.

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