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Última Atualização: 2002-02-18 13:11


Airtraffic is a game/simulator that puts you into an air traffic controller's hotseat. Planes come into your airspace from various directions and you have to guide them safely to their destinations. It uses Python, Corba, and GTK.

Última Atualização: 2006-07-22 13:37


GalaxyHack allows you to design a fleet of spaceships which can then be tested in AI script based battles against fleets designed by other players. Though battles take place in real time, the strategy comes beforehand, both in writing short AI scripts in an easy-to-use proprietary scripting language, and also in the set up and selection of your forces.

Última Atualização: 2004-06-13 01:07


GL-117 is an OpenGL- and SDL-based action flight simulator written in C++. It provides a random terrain generator, lighting effects, sounds, and joystick support.

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Última Atualização: 2012-09-07 21:18

Ultimate Stunts

Ultimate Stunts is a remake of the DOS game "stunts", providing modern features like OpenGL graphics, 3D sound, and Internet-based multiplayer games. Players can design their own tracks, choose opponents and try some spectacular stunts.

Última Atualização: 2001-01-30 06:12


coffeetalk is a script to aid in the beverage choosing process.

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Última Atualização: 2001-07-29 03:15

Free Reign

Free Reign is a fully-3D city simulator, with advanced features planned such as ore mining, advanced financial models, and other features users request.

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Última Atualização: 2008-05-20 17:41

Eat The Whistle

Eat the Whistle is a multi-platform, portable 2D soccer
game with many options.

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Última Atualização: 2012-03-10 00:21


FACHODA Complex is a fast 3D game for X11 with network support. It has soft rendering, but is still quite fast.

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Última Atualização: 2013-10-14 00:34


DDMTestbed は、テストベッド ランダムなインスタンスを生成し、実行時間、占有されていたメモリに最適なソリューションからの距離を測定 resolutive 提案手法を評価することができます。C 言語で書かれています。

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Desenvolvimento Estado: 4 - Beta
Destinado Audiência: Developers, Science/Research
Sistema Operacional: Linux
Linguagem de Programação: C
Interface de Usuário: Command-line, Console/Terminal
Última Atualização: 2004-08-01 22:58


ACFTools is a utility for manipulating X-Plane
flight simulator aircraft and weapon models
without using its Plane Maker. It can decode
both Apple and Intel ACF/WPN formats into
plain text files with a syntax similar to C,
which can be edited and then re-converted
into binary data. It is able to extract almost
complete 3D models of aircraft (fuselage,
floats, tanks, wings, stabs, propellers,
engines) and write it in AC3D modeler format.
Edited 3D parts can then be merged into plain
text and consequently converted into binary
ACF files.

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Última Atualização: 2012-12-31 22:03


Fireworkx is a pyrotechnic fireworks blast simulation that explodes in Xlib, SDL, and SVGAlib atmospheres. It blasts fiercely with SSE2 optimizations and automatically with Xscreensaver.

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Última Atualização: 2016-10-17 00:06

delta3d Open Source Engine


Última Atualização: 2011-02-18 06:17



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Última Atualização: 2009-04-11 18:12

SimPE: The simple DBPF-Package Editor

単純シムズ 2、簡単な文字変更 (スキル名、リレーションシップ...) から始まるのほぼすべての側面を編集するためのツールのラッパーであり、ほぼすべてのシムズ 2 ファイルタイプのエディターを含む新しいオブジェクトと色のオプションの作成まで。

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Desenvolvimento Estado: 3 - Alpha
Destinado Audiência: Advanced End Users, End Users/Desktop
Linguagem Natural: English, German
Linguagem de Programação: C#
Interface de Usuário: .NET/Mono