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PFinger is a highly configurable, secure and portable finger deamon. It is started by inetd but does not run as root. The service may be disabled for individual users by the administrator or by the users themselves. It offers configurable special files (e.g. a users PGP-Key could be retrieved with 'finger john.pgpkey@host), no printing of users home directory or shell and it also provides a graphical frontend that allows users to easily alter the output that will be sent, when they are fingerd.

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XFinger is an X frontend for finger.

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Fingerbob is a simple Finger daemon which displays
formatted user information from an LDAP directory.
It is useful when you're in a dark corner of the
server room without a GUI and need to find a phone
number. Almost every networked computer has a
finger client, so Fingerbob provides a simple but
universal network address book. It can also
provide text documents and list all people in a
specified branch of the LDAP directory.

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Shaper Super-Script

Shaper Super-Script is a bash script that uses
iproute2 and shapecfg (shaper.o) to limit incoming
and outgoing traffic on a Linux router. It also
has an option for supporting more than 100 shapers
via a kernel patch.

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