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surblhost is a command line program that check if
hostnames are blacklisted in the lists.
A blacklisted hostname means that the site is
referenced in spam email. Although surbl is mostly
used by spam filters such as spamassassin to
identify spam email, you can use surblhost for
many other purposes.

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cutoggvorbis is a small and fast command line
Ogg/Vorbis editor. It lets you select sections of
an Ogg/Vorbis file interactively or via a
timetable and save them to separate files without
quality loss. It uses ogg123 for playback and even
works with files bigger than 2GB.

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Open Site Builder Tools

Open Site Builder Tools populates a predefined
page template with information from content files,
and generates the target Web site documents. It
allows configuring menus and navigation bars on a
per-directory or per-page basis. This approach
lets you separate page layout development from
content creation, and eliminates the need for an
additional template rendering engine at runtime,
thus saving your site processing power on each
page served. Features include entities and macros
substitution, automatic sitemap generation, a
smart FTP uploader, and a build logs analyzer. The
project site contains extensive documentation
including a tutorial, a commands reference, and a
sample site configuration.

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Addendat is a blogging program that can accept updates from either a CGI interface or a shell interface. Additions are stored as HTML, so you can edit both entries and design in any ordinary text editor. It is configured using a simple HTML-like config file format and supports multiple blogs, even on the same page. It does not require Java or JavaScript and can publicize additions on a central hub, making it easy for Web users to find recently-updated blogs. It supports comments and archiving, can post entries to other CGIs, and features configurable comment spam countermeasures.

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PrimeBase XT

PrimeBase XT (PBXT) is a transactional storage
engine for MySQL. It uses a unique "write-once"
update strategy and MVCC (multi-version
concurrency control) to provide optimal
performance over a wide range of tasks.

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This is right a extracting archive library suitable for the games
that is implemented only reading.
And you can create SDL_RWops object.

Desenvolvimento Estado: 5 - Production/Stable
Destinado Audiência: Developers
Linguagem Natural: English, Japanese
Sistema Operacional: MacOS, Windows, Other Operating Systems
Linguagem de Programação: C
Register Date: 2004-06-24 03:58
Última Atualização: 2004-10-19 02:30


xmlsnipe is a simple utility for manipulating XML
documents in streams, similar to what sed
provides. It makes it possible to print, delete,
and change the content of nodes specified in a set
of XPath statements.

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