List of Projects bitsofcotton is involved in


Calculate absolute value on inner product invariant from given input series. This detects non projected computed series and one of methods that church's thesis adopted finite memory turing computer calculated series. -> abandoned, i...


Categorizer and learner on supposed vector series. Bug reports are welcomed.


Documents around PRNG and computing.


This program aims to get inner point from multiple both side linear constraints. Bug reports are welcomed.


Get mother wavelet from seriarized data. This aims to implement simpler machine learning method, but, the aim is so far from this implement itself only.


Generic predictor that not depends on data itself. This suppose original function is continuous one to reduce per frequency error, but we can use as this continuous condition : the original function is lebesgue integrable and has no st...


This is the calculater that 'whole given input and whole deterministic calculated output'-made series invariant. This program inputs such data series, then, output invariant structure subtracted data series. Bug reports are still welc...


Complement document and program to generic-p0 and generic-p1 to predict serialized data. Bug reports are welcomed.


This program is aiming to be one of complement libraries for ongoing graphics tools and machine learnings. Bug reports are welcomed.


Natural simple float on integer class. However, we should use another clang -msoft-float option first when practical use.


Filter input with regex, then, plot to web browser. But this is for only extra small logs.


This program aims to make a TOC and links to original article from middle sized text sets with small elementary dictionaries. Some bugs fixed but bug reports are welcomed.