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PHP-Nuke Titanium v3.0.0 a PHP-Nuke Fork on ROIDS - for PHP 7.3.6

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Welcome to PHP-Nuke Titanium v3.0.0

FOSSA Status

PHP-Nuke Titanium is a free open source network content management system (CMS) designed to run on The 86it Developers Network and The Scorpion Network, written for PHP v7.3.6. It uses modular programming architecture that allows users to customize, update and theme their websites. It uses a centralized user database chained to both networks and It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is free to use, modify and redistribute.

1. PHP-Nuke Titanium uses 3 relational databases (currently MySQLi) to store data required for running a web-based content management sstem.

2. PHP-Nuke Titanium uses a separate centralized network database for user accounts chained to The 86it Developers Network for programmers and -The Scorpion Network for Musicians, Personal Websites or anything other than programming.

3. PHP-Nuke Titanium uses personal modules and network modules that can be installed, uninstalled, activated, and deactivated using the module administration system.

4. PHP-Nuke Titanium has FREE centralized file uploads and storage chained to The 86it Developers Network and The Scorpion Network.

5. PHP-Nuke Titanium gives you the ability to grant specific network groups of network users specific access rights to content and features on your portal, such as view, edit, delete, upload, add attachments, publish content, and so on.

6. PHP-Nuke Titanium possess a number of core features that can be used by personal modules and network modules, like view permissions, comment permissions, notifications, left and right side page blocks permissions.

7. PHP-Nuke Titanium uses a network advertising block that you position anywhere on your portal to pay for your private commercial web hosting. A feature saving people hundreds of dollars every year.

8. PHP-Nuke Titanium comes with a full blown commercial web hosting account and cPanel Licence valued at 32 dollars per month and is FREE to network users that currently have the network advertising block installed. You can see what the advertising block looks like by holding your CTRL key down and clicking the following link https://hub.86it.us where in the following tab you will find the advertising block running in the upper right hand corner of The 86it Developers Network.

9. PHP-Nuke Titanium has Google Analytics built in and gives you the option and ability to plugin your personal analytics account information. This will allow you to analyze all of your portal visitor traffic on the fly in real time.

10. PHP-Nuke Titanium is designed to auto adjust font sizes and images and does pageview justification based on a visitors monitor, TV or cell phone resolution by loading an independent CSS style sheet for each resolution.

11. PHP-Nuke Titanium requires a Federated MySQL storage engine. The FEDERATED storage engine is not enabled by default on any running server ever. The FEDERATED storage engine lets you access data from a remote MySQL database without using replication or cluster technology.

12. PHP-Nuke Titanium allows you the ease of database access and use by using your cPanel where you will find phpMyAdmin v4.7.0

13. PHP-Nuke Titanium requires PHP v5.6.31 / v7.3.6

14. PHP-Nuke Titanium requires the use of MariaDB 10.02

15. PHP-Nuke Titanium requires ImageMagick

16. PHP-Nuke Titanium requires the Ruby Gem Module to be installed on the server.

17. PHP-Nuke Titanium requires the PHP Extensions and Applications Package Module to be installed on the server.

18. PHP-Nuke Titanium requires the PHP Pecl Module to be installed on the server.

19. PHP-Nuke Titanium requires Perl v5*

20. PHP-Nuke Titanium requires Apache v2.2.34

21. PHP-Nuke Titanium requires the MPM Prefork

22. PHP-Nuke Titanium requires that the module mod_rewrite be installed and that you have the RewriteEngine ON at all times.

23. PHP-Nuke Titanium uses cURL v7.38.0

24. PHP-Nuke Titanium uses GD Version v2.1.0


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