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Rev. Hora Autor Mensagem
f7e652d 2022-04-26 21:01:11 matsuand master [BLFS] Update oniguruma-
3a3c4f6 2022-04-12 21:10:27 matsuand [BLFS] Add JSON.
6ae4e0b 2022-04-07 20:28:04 matsuand [BLFS] Add xxhash.
34ba994 2022-04-07 20:26:35 matsuand [BLFS] Update wayland-protocols-1.25.
ade58f0 2022-04-07 20:26:04 matsuand [BLFS] Update mako-1.2.0.
ec8c2fd 2022-04-07 20:25:43 matsuand [BLFS] Update libdrm-2.4.110.
ec601e5 2022-04-07 20:25:25 matsuand [BLFS] Update libatomic_ops-7.6.12.
2cdaa6e 2022-04-07 20:24:59 matsuand [BLFS] Update libvdpau-1.5.
8cc30a1 2022-04-07 20:24:35 matsuand [BLFS] Update libva-2.14.0.
257729d 2022-04-07 20:05:55 matsuand [BLFS] Add libxcvt.


Nome Rev. Hora Autor Mensagem
master f7e652d 2022-04-26 21:01:11 matsuand [BLFS] Update oniguruma-6.9...

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