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Adjustor mod plugin for VS

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Rev. Hora Autor Mensagem
7429f62 2019-12-15 05:09:11 melchior master Updates for VS1.11 (mech blocks not-supported currently...)
37a8abe 2019-07-30 11:48:38 melchior minor changes for V1.10 support, changed debug message
5a362bb 2019-06-07 05:53:47 melchior V0.1.8 Item condition loss only when change made Tool mode icons...
0be55ec 2019-06-06 07:18:55 melchior Reworked applicability detection, removed outdated comments
b07f611 2019-06-01 07:39:50 melchior V0.1.7 Fixed up Rotations from Variants Tool mode text entries a...
4ea4f99 2019-05-31 05:45:28 melchior Added New rotation mode GUI (n/f) Cairo ref aded to project
db59175 2019-05-30 02:37:31 melchior Created smithing recipies for orginal adjustor, NEW stone...
94eb9f4 2019-05-10 09:28:19 melchior V0.1.6 Fixes for V1.9.2, got wooden logs rotatable.
3cfb051 2019-05-07 08:21:23 melchior * ItemAdjustor.cs: Signature change for 1.9 * modinfo.js...
279c2f4 2019-04-29 05:55:17 melchior Correct format version string

Recently edited Tags

Nome Rev. Hora Autor
V0.1.8 5a362bb 2019-06-07 05:55:16 melchior
V0.1.7 b07f611 2019-06-01 07:44:59 melchior
V0.1.6 94eb9f4 2019-05-10 09:39:30 melchior


Nome Rev. Hora Autor Mensagem
master 7429f62 2019-12-15 05:09:11 melchior Updates for VS1.11 (mech bl...

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