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História de Shunichi Fuji

[SVN] Commit revision 3772
Add compatibility for older than glib-2.19.10.
[SVN] Commit revision 3512
Work aound for GTK_MOZEMBED in gtkmozembed.h be shipped with mozilla. GTK_CHECK_CAST is masked by...
[SVN] Commit revision 3500
Drop some include stuff.
[SVN] Commit revision 3498
exclusion w32 stuffs.
[SVN] Commit revision 3497
temporary fix waning for declaration strcasestr(). this will be using while depends on own inacc...
[SVN] Commit revision 3494
Suppress unused warnings.
[SVN] Commit revision 3493
Handle ruby_cleanup() behaivor when exit sequence. this needs for scenario that recieved two mor...
[SVN] Commit revision 3492
- make signal handler to static. - add prototype declare. - don't use allocation while sig handle...
[SVN] Commit revision 3491
SIG_IGN for given signum while terminating. and add message terminating.
[SVN] Commit revision 3490
Add signal handler for safe termination from external signal. Need research about signum. Current...
[SVN] Commit revision 3489
Update Slashdot rss.
[SVN] Commit revision 3488
Drop unused include(*.c) and path( Useful a bit for indexer. BTW, these c file seem...
[SVN] Commit revision 3483
Add include nsIComponentManager.h (This was detected something wrong with -DDEBUG) also, nsCOMPt...
[SVN] Commit revision 3482
Add always open in new tab on bookmark. My body needed this really.
[SVN] Commit revision 3481
move on the eve of require.
[SVN] Commit revision 3480
Don't split at the making highlight.
[SVN] Commit revision 3471
Use GetEventReciever() at the part. MozillaPrivate does not have GetEventTarget() What purpose a...