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morse code from BSD games, plus a bit

  • R/O
  • R/O (HTTP)
  • R/W (SSH)
  • R/W (HTTPS)

My own rewrite of the BSD morse code recreational utility

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154b2b7e2021-08-30 02:43:52Joel Matthew Reesdecode works?
3e53124b2021-08-30 02:35:33Joel Matthew Reesreplace getopt
24dde1732021-08-30 01:58:03Joel Matthew Reesmonday morning 2am keyboard miss
adf1c2932021-08-30 01:47:55Joel Matthew Reesgetopt madness
997b2f0f2021-08-30 01:43:45Joel Matthew Rees2005
89d405c42021-08-30 01:41:53Joel Matthew Reesbring the old code back in
27e89af52021-08-29 21:25:53Joel Matthew Reesfirst step not working right
793788132021-08-29 19:52:04Joel Matthew Reeswas it morse or really decode?
b9a88d7c2021-08-29 19:49:35Joel Matthew Reesmorse()
fb1eee442021-08-29 19:46:57Joel Matthew Reesshow()

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