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ctype for sjis characters

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This is a slow ctype library for sjis characters. 高速ではない シフトジス用の ctype 文字類識別ライブラリです。

Release Files

FilenameTamanhoHoraDownload count
sjisctype_20140215.tgz82.66 k2014-02-15 13:11:3656

Recent Commits

Rev.HoraAutorMensagem RSS
a5354eb62014-02-15 13:04:32Joel Matthew Reessjhexdump might not be so useful on *nix, but I added a M...
b204e9d92014-01-03 14:49:26Joel Matthew ReesImprovemements to the shift JIS hexdump
7ee41ca22014-01-03 14:48:47Joel Matthew ReesNow we have some shift JIS hexdump
06d49b2c2014-01-03 14:46:59Joel Matthew Reesgetting real close to ready for hexdump
1c093f9b2014-01-03 14:45:01Joel Matthew Reesworking on the shift jis hexdump
0466ca322014-01-03 14:43:32Joel Matthew ReesMore at the training center -- starting a hexdump
dd9857692014-01-03 14:35:19Joel Matthew ReesWorking at the training center -- catering to Borland, mo...
af9a89282013-07-29 13:57:21Joel Matthew ReesStrange that I would forget to add the example source and...
bf405c212013-07-29 13:50:10Joel Matthew ReesResidual source issues from adding the hiragana-crypt exa...
75c124722013-07-29 13:07:16Joel Matthew ReesAdded the makefile, minor corrections to compile on Unix.

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