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Wheres thumbshift tables and Kana tables (2013-05-27 14:14 by koika #68908)

こにちわ(my first actual typed Japanese word.)
I am learning Hiragana via the visual method of typing. Since speed of typing is important to me I have started to familiarize myself with the thumbshift input method. But due to unforeseeable system key combos ぴ & あ are already assigned to things and can't be reassigned as easily as my right menu button, aka Right Shift.

Any way the thumbshift table in Anthy setup doesn't allow me to add inputs even after I delete to make an opening. There is no magic button like in the right and left shifter assignment screen...
I searched for the tables high and low in my root directory and Home directory but could only find iBus tables that didn't look like a table and nothing labeled for Anthy under any of its directories.

By the way I am running Ubuntu 12. something with a Gnome classic desktop and a little bit of KDE, for Kajongg.

Aloha and Mahalo,