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Una distribución Linux multipropósito.

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AOSP X romはAOSPに近い Pixel 3a XL、Pixel 3a、Pixel 3 XL、Pixel 3、Pixel 2 XL、Pixel 2向けのカスタムromです。

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Ubuntu Lumina remix
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The Ubuntu Lumina remix. The flavor of Ubuntu with the BSD desktop known as Lumina.

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Speare code editor is a small, free and friendly code editor, and a really really ultra light IDE for all programming language. You can use it to edit all kinds of text file, programming and debugging with almost any programming language. It designed to make programmer feels light, simple and free. Speare code editor not only has an efficient code navigation and call routines tracing ability but also has flexibility to extend the IDE to support special developing requirements and easily to add a new programming language in it. In fact, Speare code editor includes builtin debugging environment for C, C++, Ruby, mruby, Lua, Python, PHP, Perl and Tcl, and give you complete freedom to control and customise a debugging environment for any programming language.

Home page: http://sevenuc.com/en/Speare.html

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Samsung Firmwares over samfirm

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Here i will upload my Converted GSI Zip packages for our Nitrogen Device

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Ancient is a AOSP based ROM that is made as good as possible. With a nice and interesting interface for all lovers of Android ROM. Ancient ROM made Indonesia

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Last Update: 2020-03-29 19:58

Provide the Lineageos custom for lg g7 thinq with ota updates using osdn

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"kit" is a lightweight desktop environment that runs on JavaScript.

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