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Majapahit Linux remaster from Fedora linux.

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Last Update: 2018-12-15 18:51

DAM1T: project for sharing code easely with students.

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Register Date:2018-12-14 19:38

Last Update: 2018-12-15 17:20

DAM2T project for students: sharing code and versions.

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Register Date:2018-12-14 19:34


Last Update: 2018-12-08 21:38

A linux distribution all about Dwarf Fortress

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Register Date:2018-12-08 21:34


Last Update: 2018-12-08 03:09

The project https://github.com/awesomebytes/ros_overlay_on_gentoo_prefix compiles using continous integration the latest version of ROS for Gentoo Prefix. This generates a number of open source binary packages to be distributed.

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Last Update: 2018-12-07 23:15

a light simple open suse

a little sip (of) open suse;

A breeze of tumbleweed - minimal live and rolling iso wm=openbox.

Built with OSuse tools - KIWI - and only using official repos.

>> alisiOS is a functional bare bones system that allows you to test, install or build your own tumbleweed using others DE, Games Steam, Kodi and all the great OpenSuse experience.

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Register Date:2018-12-04 21:25


Last Update: 2018-12-16 03:02

A beautiful custom ROM based on CAF and designed to be stable, fast and easy to use

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Register Date:2018-12-02 07:13

Last Update: 2018-12-15 07:16

The easiest way to get flashable firmware zip files for Xiaomi devices!
XiaomiFirmwareUpdater is a script which provides firmware packages for every Xiaomi devices.
It's an automated script, running on Linux server every six hours, extracting firmware from MIUI official ROMs, both Global and China, and uploads it to multi-servers.

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Register Date:2018-12-02 06:01

Last Update: 2018-11-30 21:29

Smart Supermarket Gestion des equipements

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Register Date:2018-11-30 21:13

Last Update: 2018-11-30 12:04

100% Libre GNU operating system

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Register Date:2018-11-30 05:09

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