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It is a simple comic viewer for Linux.

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A new (Unoffical) lightweight, And fast modLoader & Framework For minecraft mod loading.
Easy to use.
Tiny modifictions to base Minecraft SRC
Newcomer Friendly API

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Tyranny RP is a Medieval Fantasy mod for the game Ark Survival Evolved. The Idea is to make new player models armor weapon and building blocks. There will also be a new map for this mod and I hope it will be awesome.

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This is mirror of japanese free game called "Wonderful World".
"Wonderful World is a FM2K indie fighter made by Ainefill. If you would like to see some footage to give you an idea of what gameplay is like, you can search for videos on nicovideo or youtube with the phrases "WonderfulWorld" and "wonderful world <character name>" respectively."

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Accor appears as a core membrane, where all his data and his operating systems works. He uses all the technology around him, provided that he is connected with it. He often appears on holograms, computers and also in Ashwin's System.

His interface color is blue, which matches the holograms he projects. He has waves of DNA like blue holograms interface surrounding his core membrane, and when he speaks, a light blue pop wave appears around his core membrane, and follows the words that he says.

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Accor is a very intelligent A.I. who can respond according to the users thoughts. He is kind, and is also understanding to anything, such as problems in people's life
as well as their assistant in helping their work easier.

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このプロジェクトは、ISC開発のKea DHCP ServerのWEBフロントエンドの開発プロジェクトです。

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SharkLinux is a virtual env focused OS & Desktop environment that is 100% cloud compatible serving the GUI over pre-installed VNC server. The distro uses Xenial LTS as the base and features MATE as the default desktop. Also featured is the use of ...

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