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An App to install Linux in android. Currently Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Kali and Alpine Linux are supported.

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Criar PDV que gere PDC a partir de parâmetros de MRP via mobile, fazendo uso de leitor cod. barras, cod, Qr integração com bancos via EDI.

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Metabolic pathway synthesis based on ant colony optimization

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OS free for all can boot from usb sd or hdd freeproject for all

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Linux Distribution - Installable Desktop/Server Linux Distribution and also Rescue disk

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Second version of Cclite (now 15 years old), based on Mojolicious, Postgresql and a native RESTful interface. It's designed as an engine rather than a web application, but an html interface (reduced for mobile) is still provided. Also a simple test suite.

You will have to hand modify (at least) postgres pg_hba.conf to get a working installation. The postinst in the deb package is now fairly 'question and answer'. We'll put some of the currently worked on defects onto a wiki page.

If you want to experiment with intertrading you will need rabbitmq: https://www.rabbitmq.com/install-debian.html#apt
I've chosen this, it's stable and supports many of the pub/sub protocols. SOAP and cclite's registry <-> is gone

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Don't give in to life's stress

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BackSlash Linux
Last Update: 2021-02-21 02:38

BackSlash Linux is a Linux-based distribution which provides out-of-the-box experience for general computing. BackSlash Linux is comprised of Free and Open Source Software and is tailored to make using computers easier.

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FluidOS Builds Releases for LeEco Le 2 (s2)

Source : https://github.com/alonsoj636/device_leeco_s2-Q.git

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ArrowOS Builds Releases for LeEco Le 2 (s2) Source : https://github.com/alonsoj636/device_leeco_s2-Q.git

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