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Montero is a song that i will create

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All my builds and files will be hosted here

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Creating a force directed graph with React + D3.

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Bay Live Linux is a live GNU/Linux distribution intended to be run from a USB key. It contains many useful utilities including Clonezilla, GParted, and many other tools that might be useful for a systems administrator.

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Electronは、 ChromiumとNode.jsを使っており、HTML、CSS、JavaScriptのようなWeb技術で、macOS、Windows、Linuxに対応したデスクトップアプリケーションをつくることができるようになっています。






・GitHubリリースのプロジェクトファイルリリースへの同期機能 https://osdn.net/docs/GitHubsync_frs

・GitHubリリースのプロジェクトストレージへの同期機能 https://osdn.net/docs/GitHubsync_storage


GitHub workflows を使用してOSDNのRSSの情報のもと、自動的にGitHub上にリストが作成されるようになっています。(特定の時間になったら自動的に動作します。)


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Linux for old PCs by Nikola Nikov
Last Update: 2021-06-11 21:07

Linux for old PCs by Nikola Nikov (for short LOPC) is a lightweight operating system based on Lubuntu. It brings the modern look and new life to your old computer. This operating system is really good for browsing the World Wide Web, reading e-mails and online school.

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prueba de utilización de mercurial

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prueba de utilización de mercurial

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Freeciv rendered in a browser to take advantage of what that allows

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Arch Linux GUI
Last Update: 2021-06-13 01:06

1) Summary: Ready to use Vanilla Arch Linux

2) About:
ALG = Arch Linux GUI

3) What we provide:
We ship our ISOs with calamares installer that help to install Vanilla Arch Linux easily. We also provide editions with stock desktops for users who want to explore or import their own themes, and the themed editions for users who want to get started immediately.

The project currently has 10 main editions featuring various DEs/WMs & 2 experimental editions. There are stock as well as themed editions.
DE: Plasma5, Gnome40, Xfce4 & Cinnamon5.
WM: i3
Experimental: Zen, Studio
Find out more in the README.

4) Release Cycle:
Like Arch Linux, ALG has a monthly release schedule. New ISOs on 1st of every month.

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