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This project provides the Japanese translation version of the LFS (Linux From Scratch) book, and its development sources.

See home page for more details.

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Liberado: 2013-09-09 06:57
LFSブック 日本語版 7.4 (5 files Esconder)

Release Notes

lfsbookja-7.4-html.tar.bz2: LFSbook 7.4 in Japanese, html version
lfsbookja-7.4.pdf: LFSbook 7.4 in Japanese, PDF version
lfsbookja-7.4.txt.bz2: LFSbook 7.4 in Japanese, text version
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lfsbookja-7.4-html.tar.bz2: LFSブック 7.4 日本語版 HTML
lfsbookja-7.4.pdf: LFSブック 7.4 日本語版 PDF
lfsbookja-7.4.txt.bz2: LFSブック 7.4 日本語版 テキスト
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[matsuand] - 7.4 対応。