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Projeto Descrição

It is CMS development project by Japan Electronics College Densetubu.
Project with the 2016/03/09 was disbanded .
Now since it has completed the development and support , please acknowledge

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Liberado: 2011-12-30 22:42
setucocms 1.1.0 (1 files Esconder)

Release Notes

SetucoCMS version 1.1.0
Released on 2011/12/30

SetucoCMS バージョン 1.1.0
2011/12/30 リリース


Version 1.1.0 (2011/12/30)
- Page management function
- Correspond to search by two or more keywords by the search service by the side of management and an inspection.
- Correct so that a sort function may become effective also on the screen after search.

- Inspection side (theme: simple)
- Attach a list mark and space to a list tag, and adjust appearance to it.
- A continuous long alphanumeric character corrects the problem overflowing on the screen.

- Other
- Correct so that session data can be updated by arbitrary data.
- Correct license information.

バージョン 1.1.0 (2011/12/30)
- ページ管理機能
- 管理側、閲覧側の検索機能で複数のキーワードでの検索に対応
- 検索後の画面でもソート機能が有効になるように修正

- 閲覧側(テーマ:シンプル)
- リストタグに、リストマークと余白をつけて見た目を調整
- 連続する長い英数字が画面上はみ出してしまっていた問題を修正

- その他
- セッションデータを任意のデータで更新できるように修正
- ライセンス情報を修正