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Angband/64という古いバリアントをAngband 3.1.1 のコードで再び作っています。理由は二つ、プログラミングの練習とオープンソースにするためです。

Recreating Angband/64 on top of the Angband 3.1.1 codebase. There are two reasons I'm doing this. For the programming practice and to make it open source.

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Angband/65 0.0.1 (preAlpha)

Liberado: 2009-04-10 16:19
angband65 Angband/65 0.0.1 (preAlpha) (1 files Esconder)

Release Notes

VC++ compiled file failed to install on other computers and has been replaced with Dev-C++ compiled file.

This is the first, trial, release for Angband/65. It is a long way from the full version and only provides a taste of the features planned. The primary reason for this release is to encourage people to find and report bugs.

VC++ でコンパイルしたファイルに問題があり、Dev-C++で再コンパイルして、アップしました。



0.0.1 (preAlpha) Apr 10 2009

This project is based on the Angband 3.1.1 development code in their SVN repository. Major changes from that code are noted below.

* Basic support for Angband/64 races.
* Basic support for Angband/64 classes.
* Monster list made compatible with Angband/64 monsters.
* Item list made compatible with Angband/64 items.
* 'History' values and tables (character background) set up for Angband/64 races.
* Second 'bonus value' system applied (this allows, for example, Ring of Brute Force +3 str, -1 wis, -1 int)
* Initial equipment matched to Angband/64
* Updating Artifact.txt content.
* Ego items have low and high resistances.
* Magic devices skill bonuses possible on ego items and artifacts.
* Now as many KILL_foo flags as there were SLAY_foo flags. (e.g. Can now have Broad Sword of Kill Animal)
* Item flag system redone to allow many more flags.