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2021-05-13 17:37
In the current civ2civ3 ruleset, Democracy as a form of government is obsolete. That is to say, I never have a use fo...
2021-05-13 17:23
AI nations usually get completely consumed by barbarians, if barbarians are lucky enough to conquer one city as beach...
2021-05-13 16:57
When compiling freeciv 'master' branch on macOS, using MacPorts libraries, compilation fails in dependencies/lua-5.4/...
2021-05-13 16:36
Freeciv incudes many man pages. The most important of them are "freeciv-client", "freeciv-server", and "freeciv-modpa...
2021-05-13 14:34
Handle transform_result / transform_time consistency the same way as cultivate and plant is being handled in ruleset.c

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