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2024-04-14 21:46
Action enablers are to be used enabling things other than actions. Adjust ruleset format accordingly.
2024-04-11 13:46
Add spawn chance for units, acting largely like extra appearance chance each turn change.
2024-04-08 04:18
Revolution is not instant, but happens only on next turn change, in S3_2 / main. AI still thinks that it can cancel t...
2024-04-07 08:04
Ruleset authors need player flags documented, so they can use them as PlayerFlag requirements ( #45666 )
2024-04-03 05:52
Split from / follow-up to HRM#695469. With the new Tile range removing ambiguity, any requirements relating to units ...

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2022-02-25 02:49

Strong project with a lot of history.

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