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Ampache is a Web-based audio file manager. It allows you to view, edit, and play your audio files via the Web. It has support for playlists, artist and album views, album art, random play, playback via HTTP with on-the-fly transcoding and downsampling, vote based playback, playback via MPD and Icecast, an integrated Flash player, and per-user themes and song play tracking. You can also link multiple Ampache servers together using XML-RPC. Ampache supports gettext translations and has full translations into many languages.

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2009-12-21 08:43 Back to release list

Esta versão inclui vários correções críticas de segurança. Todas as versões anteriores são afetados. É recomendado que todos os usuários atualizem o mais cedo possível.
Tags: Security, Stable
This release includes multiple non-critical security fixes. All previous versions are affected. It is recommended that all users upgrade as soon as possible.

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