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daytime is a program that can get the current time from "daytime" (RFC-867), "time" (rfc-868), "nist daytime", or HTTP servers. It only uses the TCP versions of these protocols. It can set the system or hardware clocks from the retrieved time.

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2012-01-20 06:36

Correções para embaraçosa 'falha compilar' problemas.
Fixes for embarrassing 'failure to compile' issues.

2012-01-18 07:13

Pesquisas de tempo NTP foram adicionadas (apenas SNTP, tão só precisa de um segundo ou assim). A saída foi alterada para 'asctime' formato para ser mais compatível com 'Data'. Há melhorias Makefile, etc.
Tags: NTP
NTP time lookups have been added (only SNTP, so only accurate to a second or so). The output has been changed to 'asctime' format to be more compatible with 'date'. There are Makefile improvements, etc.

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