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Enlightenment is a themeable, fast, flexible, and powerful window manager that is designed to be as configurable as possible in both look and feel. In addition, Enlightenment provides an applet API that provides functionality somewhere between the GNOME applet system and Dock Apps from Afterstep/WindowMaker. The current design aim is for Enlightenment to become a desktop shell.

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2004-08-25 12:34

Esta versão traz uma mudança de Imlib / FreeType para Imlib2/FreeType2. Há um novo "inverno tema padrão". A distribuição está agora dividida em programas, documentos e temas. Não há "transparência" tema. Há muitos, muitos bugs. A maioria dos internos foram revistos desde DR16.6 maciçamente.
This release features a switch from Imlib/FreeType to
Imlib2/FreeType2. There is a new "winter" default theme.
The distribution is now split up into programs, docs, and
themes. There is "theme transparency". There are many,
many bugfixes. Most of the internals have been massively
overhauled since DR16.6.

2003-11-07 01:17

Esta versão traz correções, limpezas e apoio NETWM.
This version features fixes, cleanups, and NETWM

2001-01-30 15:12
DR 0.14

2001-01-30 15:12

2001-01-30 15:12

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