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G4L is a hard disk and partition imaging and cloning tool. The created images are optionally compressed, and they can be stored on a local hard drive or transferred to an anonymous FTP server. A drive can be cloned using the "Click'n'Clone" function. G4L supports file splitting if the local filesystem does not support writing files larger than 2GB. The included kernel supports ATA, serial-ATA, and SCSI drives. Common network cards are supported. It is packaged as a bootable CD image with an ncurses GUI for easy use.

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A documentação foi atualizada para a versão 0.37. É agora mais de 200 páginas, e inclui um número de capturas de tela e instruções.
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The documentation was updated for version 0.37. It is now over 200 pages in length, and includes a number of screen shots and instructions.

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