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MODU is a Linux-oriented textual dialup toolkit
with support for MS callback and iptables. It is
intended to be flexible enough to dialup to many
ISPs without much configuration.

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2005-11-21 10:30

Esta versão inclui a nova documentação e tutoriais, uma correção para MS retorno RAS, e apoio para os geradores de hardware SecureID chave.
This release features new documentation and
howtos, a fix for MS RAS callback, and support for
SecureID hardware key generators.

2005-01-31 12:51

Esta versão traz mais documentação, correções e limpeza de código.
Tags: Minor bugfixes
This release features more documentation, bugfixes, and code cleanups.

2005-01-28 10:40

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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