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SaNVirC is a script for KVirc that includes functions like nick
identification, autojoin, defense, attack, bots management, an away
system, etc. It was written for IRC-Hispano bots but is very easy to
adapt to other servers.

System Requirements

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2005-09-16 17:06
2005.0 Beta 2

Tags: Major bugfixes

2004-05-07 16:56
2004.0 alpha1

Esta é a primeira versão que roda em Windows e Linux.
Tags: Major bugfixes, Development
This is the first version that runs under Windows and Linux.

2003-05-18 17:20

Muitos erros foram corrigidos. O maior apoio para se conectar a vários servidores ao mesmo tempo foi adicionado. Autojoin distintos, que depende do servidor ao qual você se conectar foi implementado. Todas as funções do Microsoft IRCX que estão no ramo 2002.x do roteiro, foram portados. Muito mais foi feito também.
Tags: Minor bugfixes, Development
Many bugs were fixed. Major support for connecting to various servers simultaneously was added. Distinct autojoin that depends on the server to whom you connect was implemented. All of the functions of Microsoft IRCx that are in the 2002.x branch of the script have been ported. Much more was also done.

2003-01-06 07:38

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement, Development

2002-09-17 05:41

Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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