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Visifire is a set of data visualization components powered by Microsoft Silverlight. It lets you create and embed visually stunning animated Silverlight Charts within minutes. Visifire is easy to use and independent of the server side technology. It can be used with ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, or just simple HTML. Visifire's unique features are visually stunning animated charts, the ability to be embedded into any Web page in minutes, a tiny footprint (140 KB), and enterprise grade features.

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2011-01-22 07:50

propriedades ThemeEnabled, ShowAllText e ZoomOutText foram introduzidos no gráfico.
ThemeEnabled, ShowAllText, and ZoomOutText properties have been introduced in Chart.

2011-01-13 23:20

Inlines têm sido implementadas para o título. Alguns bugs foram corrigidos.
Inlines have been implemented for Title. A few bugs were fixed.

2011-01-08 07:26
3.6.7 beta

Inlines foram adicionados aos títulos.
Inlines have been added for Titles.

2011-01-01 15:19

Uma propriedade TextDecoration para o título e Título do Eixo.
A TextDecoration property for Title and Axis Title.

2010-12-02 00:25
3.6.5 beta

A propriedade AutoFitToPlotArea foi introduzido em DataSeries.
The AutoFitToPlotArea property has been introduced in DataSeries.

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