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This is a pure IaaS cloud controller with all the basic functionality of IaaS Cloud Controller. This uses proposed “Trust Based Scheduling Algorithm and Load Balancing Algorithm”. It uses Cloud Architecture with Trust Management layer. It uses Qemu machine emulator and virtualizer as virtualization software at Host. It uses Libvirt driver [30] to interact with Qemu and to interact with its virtualization capabilities of a range of operating systems. Libvirt provides a common, generic and stable layer to securely manage domains on a node. As nodes may be remotely located, libvirt provides all APIs required to provision, create, modify, monitor, control, migrate and stop the domains, within the limits of hypervisor support for these operations. Although multiple nodes may be accessed with libvirt simultaneously, which help in maintain the Host remotely, which is the basic requirement of cloud controller. This library is used by all the web controllers and by tools like VirtualBox

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sshfactory.jar 423.2 KB 2013-07-23 14:27 109
cloud(3).sql 2.5 KB 2013-07-23 14:27 9
mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin.jar 771.4 KB 2013-07-23 14:26 7270
libvirt-0.4.5.jar 65.9 KB 2013-07-23 14:26 14
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sshfactory.jar423.2 KB2013-07-23 14:27109
cloud(3).sql2.5 KB2013-07-23 14:279
libvirt-0.4.5.jar65.9 KB2013-07-23 14:2614
mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin.jar771.4 KB2013-07-23 14:267270