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Simphone is a secure and private open source Instant Messenger.

* 256-bit end-to-end encryption for voice audio calls, file transfer and chat
* completely decentralized: no need to register anywhere
* zero-configuration, portable, fast, small and reliable
* can optionally work together with TOR to anonymize your IP address

No third party can look into your communication or block your access.

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Liberado: 2022-12-30 23:58
simphone 0.9.1 (5 files Esconder)

Release Notes

File transfer is now available:

  • an unlimited number of files of any size can be sent at any time
  • interrupted file transfers resume automatically from where they left off
  • sender and receiver can cancel, pause and resume files, or change the order of transfers
  • resource limits, maximal upload and download speed can be set if desired
  • download directory for received files can be chosen


version 0.9.1: file transfer


  • libraries: upgraded openssl, dht, speex and speexdsp
  • proto: incremented protocol version for more efficient sending of multiple messages
  • console: added an option to generate a key without using an audio device
  • main: added a warning message box if a file could not be renamed or erased
  • main: added an error message box on Rabin-Miller key validation failure
  • chatframe: changed the application of last message edit limit for better visual appearance
  • chatframe: place found message at the center of the window on successful find
  • chatframe: do not add a newline by default when copying from chat or console to clipboard
  • contactinfo: added deselection (similar to chatframe and transfers)
  • contacts: added message boxes on successful rename, delete and forget contact
  • settings: added a new checkbox and a button for enabling warning checkboxes to the window tab
  • settings: increased width of "invalid device" pop up dialog (support longer audio device names)
  • ui: position warning and error message boxes relative to the current or main window
  • ui: configurable colors of information, notice, warning and error messages

fixed bugs:

  • spth: avoid artificial audio packet loss when sending over TCP
  • msg: deleting multi-line chat messages under Windows
  • main: play "sent" sound on sent chat messages that have been received late
  • chatframe: receiving of message edit (single-line to multi-line) when window on focus
  • chatframe: deselection of multiple selected lines now works better
  • settings: "invalid device" dialog multiple pop up if audio device was neither set nor available
  • ui: do not display tabs in info lines and do not display tabs and newlines in nicknames