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2ea4ee422010-09-07 11:37:17TATEISHI KatsuyukiMerge branch 'master' of http://github.com/ktateish/sandbox
2ab5f1a52010-04-05 11:44:10TATEISHI KatsuyukiSilence the warnings by autoreconf -if. configure.ac: Sp...
18a6c2602010-04-03 18:11:42TATEISHI KatsuyukiChange error message.
aea6dd302010-03-29 13:10:37TATEISHI KatsuyukiChange the terms of distribution for genversion.sh.
12c211342010-03-22 20:25:35TATEISHI KatsuyukiUpdate ChangeLogs
0034ebc82010-03-22 20:24:55TATEISHI KatsuyukiAdd 2010 to the copyright notice.
2fad644e2010-03-22 20:12:01TATEISHI KatsuyukiMerge branch 'autogenversion'
163164932010-03-22 20:13:58TATEISHI KatsuyukiAdd genvers.sh to generate version number.
cf17f11b2010-03-22 20:09:24TATEISHI KatsuyukiRename COPYING -> COPYRIGHT * COPYING(Copying) is for GN...
dbfba4f12010-03-22 20:09:24TATEISHI KatsuyukiFix macro arguments. * foreign must be quoted by [] beca...
This is a test project for my learning. Won't be useful for others.

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