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f74c4b542013-06-24 01:48:22Chih-Wei HuangRevert "Revert "packages.mk: add PinyinIME"" This revert...
9fe8c5f12013-06-23 22:08:07Chih-Wei Huangx86: several fixes and updates * automatic frequency sca...
ff10f80c2012-08-31 15:01:24Emil Biserovx86: to get work Intel HD Audio on VirtualBox
418d75432012-07-13 09:50:39Chih-Wei Huangx86: customize the malloced address to be 16-byte aligned
8ffd5f802012-06-26 08:18:04Jean-Baptiste QueruRestore crespo4g Bug: 4295425 Change-Id: Ie9580a43749caf...
0f62f63f2012-06-26 08:18:00Jean-Baptiste QueruBuild libdrmdecrypt in a different environment - DO NOT M...
1dedf1482012-06-26 07:52:04Jean-Baptiste QueruGenerate output even in case of error Bug: 4295425 Chang...
d5cea2892012-06-25 16:40:51Chih-Wei Huanggeneric_x86: set TARGET_CPU_ABI2 to armeabi It allows us...
06dd6a8f2012-06-25 16:16:46Chih-Wei Huanggeneric_x86: init.sh: a hack for 3G modem
716a57202012-06-25 15:53:56Chih-Wei Huanggeneric_x86: init.rc: log threadtime

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