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hefftorlinux (v2021-06-26)2021-06-27 12:08

Recent Tickets

Plasma: Multiple partition editors installed2021-03-21 09:09
One partition editors should be chosen.heelrayner
Scribus 2021-01-27 02:07
I tried to install scribus under HefftorLinux edition. Terminal answer: XDG_Runtime_DIR not set, defaulting to /tmp/r...(Nenhum)
Plasma: Package conflict qt5ct2021-01-15 13:06
It appeared there is a conflict with qt5ct package because installing it causes weird things to happen like losing al...(Nenhum)
Plasma: Multiple torrent clients2021-01-15 13:02
One torrent client should chosen.(Nenhum)
Plasma: Adblock shortcut doesn't work.2021-01-15 13:00
Adblock shortcut using Termite but not installed. Not sure how to fix as Konsole doesn't seem to work as replacement.(Nenhum)