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Liberado: 2006-10-24 01:50
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Release Notes

We would like to first thank you all for the tests, reviews, and reports so far. The XOOPS Cube project team is proud to announce the release of the XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 beta2.
This is the beta version so that it may have some bugs. Please use this version for evaluation purpose. We appreciate your feedbacks and bug reports of the beta.

For features of the XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 beta version, please refer to the roadmap and this article.

The followings are the changelog from the Beta1.

Please refer to the download page on this site.

From Beta1 version
1) Overwrite all the files of previous release with all files included in the beta2 release.
2) Go to the module administratoin section, update the Legacy, the user and the legacyRender modules.

Other cases (Alpha4-e or prior)
Please refer to this article to upgrade.

This is beta release which may include some serious bugs. Please use it at your own risk.

We appreciate your experiments use and feedbacks. At this time, your comments and report really help us for future development.

Best regards,
The XOOPS Cube Project Team


- Add "XOOPS Cube Legacy KICK START GUIDE" to the help of Legacy. (English only)
- Add an experimental class ModuleUpdateFramework for review.
- Add language files of phpmailer.

- Fix bugs of a smarty plugin about avatars.
- Fix bug of xoops_form_radio tempalte.

- Move XCube_Controller::setTheme() to XCube_HttpContext::setTheme()
- Move EasyLex_SQLScanner to the library directoy of Legacy.

- Replace Japanese icons of images directory with English icons. (Adjust)
- In the installer, let "Next" buttons to also the top of the installer screen. (Adjust)
- Adjust phpmailer wrapper of XOOPS for boundary mail.
- Adjust The Japanese sub-class of XoopsMultiMailer.
- Adjust themes & languages (message catalogs).
- Adjust the stylesheet of fallback themes of the control panel (for English).

- TYPO FIX XCube_Delegate.

- Fix the bug that Legacy_Controller had not stopped the process of uninstalled modules.
- Fix a bug of Legacy_Controller::setStrategy()
- Fix the bug that Preference Editor of Legacy had not stopped the process for none active modules & none existed modules & modules without configs.
- Fix the bug that the online block of user module could not display informations correctly.
- Fix the bug that tar.class.php raises warnings.

- Add a new Delegate to Legacy_Controller for additional strategy fork logic.
- Add new exception events.
- Add a new preload file to LegacyRender for keep $xoopsTpl before XOOPS Cube regular process.
- Add a new Delegate to Legacy_RenderSystem for additonal setttings.

- Adjust forward URL to XOOPS_URL.
- Adjust the page navigater at "Block Management" (remove page partition).
- Adjust the redirect function enables to display the page title.