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xoops2-ja-eucjp (tar.gz)
xoops2-ja-eucjp (zip)

Liberado: 2007-01-21 19:45
xoopscube2_1 XOOPSCube_2_1_RC (1 files Esconder)

Release Notes

This is the RC version. Please use this version for evaluation purpose. The RC version needs your reports for the stable version. We appreciate your feedbacks and bug reports of the RC.

Known Issue
- XCube_Utils::formatMessage() can't handle capitalizing well.
- #Task #2594. XCube_ActionForm always raises token errors in XML Web services.
- XCube_Service doesn't follow REST. This may be the purpose of XCube 1.0.
- XCube_Service doesn't generate correct WSDL perfectly. This may be the purpose of XCube 1.0.
- #Task #2597. Legacy_Controller::executeRedirect requests self encoding to callers. ('&' -> '&'). This is the compatibility with XOOPS2, but it's different from the concept of XCube.
- The admin mode of Legacy_Controller should call the special method of Legacy_Module which is startup().
- Bug #9689. Pending now.
- Bug #9780. The bonus program for SSL login was reported that it can't work perfectly. (The dev team can't confirm it)
- Task #2502, #2511. The document plan was stopped at Beta. We will restart it with many new drafts until the stable version.


- #2593 XCube_Delegate needs the isEmpty method()
- #2544 Remove 'package.ini.php' loader.

- Add Block Template installation success message output.
- Change TextFiter method name according to keep method naming rule(lowerCamelCase).
- Added new method so that module can get the unregistered render system. (& fix typo)
- Adjusted the member property about render systems.
- Adjusting to keep more compatibility to X2 modules.
- Change XOOPS Cube Core won't use XOOPS_SALT directly.
- Change XOOPS Cube Core won't use XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.
- notify_method, notify_mode change DTYPE_BOOL -> DTYPE_INT .
- Upgrade Smarty to Version 2.6.16.
- Add common comment header text for XOOPS Cube Core package files.
- Change Lincense Information document.


- Fix Bug#9780 Cannot redirect with user.php login.
- Fix Bug#9817. Blocks problem without edit_func.
- Fix Bug #9744.
- Fix bug#7892.
- Fix Bug#9813.
- Fix bug#9504. Legacy_Conctoller makes unsafe db instance for GET request when AllowDBProxy is false.
- Fix [ #9785 ] Notice in SearchAction
- Fix [ #9791 ] Junk code in Legacy_Controller
- Fix [ #9792 ] Does XoopsModule class need clean up?
- marged code. Bugs[9514] CSS to make preformatted text wrap
- Fix Bug: [ #9781 ] Empty contents cached block displays
- Fix [ #9759 ] Notice kernel/module.php (if expr was invalid)
- Fix [ #9743 ] Junk code - ModuleInstallUtils
- Fix [ #9746 ] Blocks aren't updated for update-time
- Fix [ #9747 ] Notice blockctype
- bug fix. > bug[#9745] HTML syntax problem in tplfile_list.html
- Fix [ #9690] problems in legacy/language/english/*

Other Bug Fix
- There was the code path which returns nothing.
- New user commited by admin could not receive notification mail.
- New user activation by admin mail also sent to a new user.
- Could not activate a new user.
- Should not update unchanged module record when updating module list.
- Could not set block_type and c_type when module blocks are added afer once installed.
- Should not show admin side menu when $modversion['hasAdmin'] = 0
- Fix for 4.4.x variable reference notice.
- Could not handle Japanese multibyte space character in search string as a delimiter correctly
- Could not search more by specified user.