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Última Atualização: 2007-10-22 13:25


syslog-async provides a version of syslog() which
never blocks. It
should be generally useful for any daemon for
which it's more important
that the daemon continue to function than that it
continue to log.

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Última Atualização: 2001-01-30 06:13


iroffer is a fileserver for IRC (commonly referred to as a DCC bot). It uses the DCC feature of IRC to send files to other users. iroffer will connect to an IRC server and let people request files from it. iroffer is not a script, it is a standalone executable written in C.

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Última Atualização: 2003-06-17 19:28


Tepatche is a patch management system for OpenBSD. It will periodically check a specified FTP site, and if there is a new patch to be applied, downloads, applies, builds and installs it. Tepatche mantains a small status database to know in what is the status of each of the system's patches.

Última Atualização: 2008-10-23 23:51


libpwstor is a library implementing a password
storage format for C programmers. This format
provides a reasonable level of security by
utilizing SHA-256 in addition to a random salt to
mitigate dictionary and rainbow table attacks. In
addition to the core functionality, libpwstor also
offers some additional functions such as Base64
encoding and decoding. All functionality is
implemented and designed in such a way as to be
easy to use for C programmers of varying skill
levels, while preserving reasonable security in
the underlying storage format.

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Última Atualização: 2006-04-09 18:02


Deletemail is a non-interactive tool for removing
mail from one or more IMAP4 mailboxes. It removes
mail older than a configurable number of days, and
by default does not remove mail that is not marked
as seen on the server.

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Última Atualização: 2010-05-24 21:58

Jax Remote Control and Deskshot Tool

Jax Remote Control lets you send commands to a remote host, which executes them immediately. Jax Remote Deskshot takes screenshots, either one time only or observing a screen over time, and uploads them via FTP or SSH.

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Última Atualização: 2002-10-25 20:03

TCP Simple Gateway

TCPSG is just a simple TCP port forwarder designed to distribute a service like a virtual server. It can be used to protect servers using the port forwarder to receive requests.

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Última Atualização: 2002-01-06 00:20

EQEMu EverQuest Server Emulation Project

EQEMu EverQuest Server Emulation Project is a
project designed to fully emulate the EverQuest
servers for use with the EverQuest(tm) client. This
allows users to use their EverQuest(tm) client to
connect to "unofficial" servers or to run their own
EverQuest(tm) server. It is currently being
developed for multiple platforms.

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Última Atualização: 2013-04-30 01:36


TinyIB is a lightweight PHP image board which emulates the functionality of 4chan. If you use MySQL or SQLite, you can use it to create an efficient setup able to handle large amounts of traffic. If you don't use a database, it can store posts as text files for a portable setup capable of running on virtually any PHP host.

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Database Environment: MySQL, SQLite
Linguagem Natural: English
Sistema Operacional: MacOSX, OpenBSD, SunOS/Solaris, Windows
Linguagem de Programação: PHP
Última Atualização: 2010-11-15 14:55


AGPF KeyRec is powerful software to recover the default WPA passphrases of the specified models of Telecom Italia's AGPF routers.

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Linguagem Natural: English
Sistema Operacional: MacOSX, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Windows
Linguagem de Programação: C
Última Atualização: 2008-09-01 20:22


ind allows you to indent output from a
sub-process, which is useful for scripting. It has
been tested with FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux,
Solaris, and Mac OS X on x86, AMD-64, Alpha,
SPARC32, SPARC64, and PPC.

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Última Atualização: 2001-09-24 23:11


Securitylog2html is a script developed in AWK for filtering ipchains logs to generate HTML reports.

Última Atualização: 2010-11-20 10:42


FAUmachine is a virtual machine that emulates a
PC. It runs as a normal user process (no root
privileges or kernel modules needed) on top of
Linux on i386 hardware. Ports to OpenBSD and
Windows are in progress. An out-of-the-box Linux
distribution can be installed onto this virtual
hardware, using the installation program that
comes with it. Binaries compiled for i386 hardware
architecture will also run on FAUmachine.
FAUmachine supports networking and FAUmachines can
be connected transparently to the local network to
which their host machine is attached. If the
appropriate servers are running on the FAUmachine,
login from any real machine is possible, once the
network is set up.

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Última Atualização: 2005-03-28 10:03


rsaver is a simple X screensaver that only uses
Xlib. After a specified amount of time it will
start to draw radioactive signs. If a timeout is
not specified, the timeout value is obtained from
the X server.

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Última Atualização: 2009-04-05 10:23


gnetscan is a small and fast port scanner.

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Linguagem Natural: English
Sistema Operacional: FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux
Linguagem de Programação: C