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sprech(freshmeat) sprech sprech is a simple network sockets library desi... DOWNLOAD
styler(freshmeat) Styler Ant Task The Styler Ant Task makes useful combinations o... DOWNLOAD
pp_watchdog(freshmeat) pp_watchdog pp_watchdog is a Perl script which monitors con... DOWNLOAD
iolib(freshmeat) IOLib IOLib is a universal multiplatform IO library a... DOWNLOAD
oggment(freshmeat) oggment Oggment is an oggmented mixing/streaming enviro... DOWNLOAD
myleague(freshmeat) myleague myleague is a simple console tool for maintaini... DOWNLOAD
jmsdof(freshmeat) JMS Distributed Object Framework The JMS Distributed Object Framework (DOF) is a... DOWNLOAD
wmr918_tools(freshmeat) WMR918 Weather Station Tools The WMR918 Weather Station Tools read the WMR91... DOWNLOAD
code2html(freshmeat) code2html code2html is a perlscript which converts a prog... DOWNLOAD
kwanda(freshmeat) KWanda KWanda is a fish applet for the KDE panel (kick... DOWNLOAD
cvs2html(freshmeat) cvs2html cvs2html is a Perl program to transform the out... DOWNLOAD
gnoise(freshmeat) GNoise GNoise is a GTK+ based wave file editor. It use... DOWNLOAD
hal-ui(freshmeat) HAL UI HAL UI uses an infrared remote to control a Lin... DOWNLOAD
filterproxy(freshmeat) FilterProxy FilterProxy is a Perl script that acts as a gen... DOWNLOAD
camwatch(freshmeat) camwatch camwatch is a very lightweight program for X Wi... DOWNLOAD
dbmanager(freshmeat) DBManager DBManager aims to be an Abstraction Layer for J... DOWNLOAD
dbixpassword(freshmeat) DBIx::Password DBIx::Password provides an abstraction layer fo... DOWNLOAD
pdepp(freshmeat) PDEPP The PDEPP Web server features a very clean, mod... DOWNLOAD
neshare(freshmeat) NEshare NEshare is a peer-to-peer file sharing toolkit ... DOWNLOAD
gisdnbutton(freshmeat) Gisdnbutton Gisdnbutton is a GTK-based ISDN monitor inspire... DOWNLOAD
xotmid(freshmeat) Xotmid Web System Xotmid is a Web content system that sports a Tr... DOWNLOAD
zcs(freshmeat) Zemos Communication System The ZCS (Zemos Communication System) uses PHP a... DOWNLOAD
jbossdruid(freshmeat) JBossDruid JBossDruid will help you to quickly create a JB... DOWNLOAD
mp3ai(freshmeat) mp3ai mp3ai displays information and total playtime o... DOWNLOAD
webreport(freshmeat) webreport WebReport is a Web log statistics reporting pro... DOWNLOAD
rhymingdictionary(freshmeat) Rhyming Dictionary Rhyming Dictionary is a command-line driven rhy... DOWNLOAD
cdbakeoven(freshmeat) CD Bake Oven CD Bake Oven is a user-friendly, full-featured ... DOWNLOAD
mod_auth_useragent(freshmeat) mod_auth_useragent mod_auth_useragent allows you to forbid clients... DOWNLOAD
cwpapi(freshmeat) Comprehensive Web Programming API The Comprehensive Web Programming API allows yo... DOWNLOAD
shaketracker(freshmeat) ShakeTracker Shake Tracker aims to be a fully-featured MIDI ... DOWNLOAD
lcdp(freshmeat) Linux Cisco Discovery Protocol The Linux Cisco Discovery Protocol is a Linux k... DOWNLOAD
serverspy(freshmeat) ServerSpyIRC bot ServerSpyIRC is a Perl IRC bot (based on Net::I... DOWNLOAD
xcool(freshmeat) XCool XCool is an XQL (XML Query Language) implementa... DOWNLOAD
bbdb(freshmeat) The Insidious Big Brother Database The Insidious Big Brother Database (BBDB) is a ... DOWNLOAD
expatobjc(freshmeat) Expat Objective-C Bindings Expatobjc provides an Objective-C interface to ... DOWNLOAD
tclx(freshmeat) TclX Extended Tcl (TclX) is an extension to Tcl, the... DOWNLOAD
cmictl(freshmeat) cmictl cmictl sets some internal parameters of CMI 833... DOWNLOAD
csv2ldif(freshmeat) csv2ldif csv2ldif converts CSV (comma separated value) f... DOWNLOAD
nta(freshmeat) Network Traffic Analyzer Network Traffic Analyzer analyzes the network t... DOWNLOAD
ocs-cardgame(freshmeat) Online Cardgame System Online Cardgame System is a free implementation... DOWNLOAD
kernel-alert(freshmeat) kernel-alert kernel-alert is a perl script meant to be run a... DOWNLOAD
ftpindex(freshmeat) FTP Index FTP Index is a search engine for FTP servers. I... DOWNLOAD
lnxzip(freshmeat) LnxZip LnxZip is a GNOME frontend to common archive ut... DOWNLOAD
kdiradm(freshmeat) KDE Directory Administrator KDirAdm is a LDAP Directory management tool w... DOWNLOAD
kwvdial(freshmeat) KWvDial KWvDial is a full featured Intelligent PPP Dial... DOWNLOAD
mflip(freshmeat) mFlip mFlip is a flipbook (reads in a sequence of ima... DOWNLOAD
tapps(freshmeat) Tapps Tapps is an advanced PHP poll system with some ... DOWNLOAD
psbas(freshmeat) Perl SecurePages Perl SecurePages is a session-based authenticat... DOWNLOAD
knewspost(freshmeat) knewspost Knewspost is a KDE frontend to newspost, a Usen... DOWNLOAD
kde-cygwin(freshmeat) KDE on Cygwin The KDE on Cygwin project enables the KDE desk... DOWNLOAD
clsdb_inc(freshmeat) is a PHP class for making connections... DOWNLOAD
mx(freshmeat) The Mx documentation tool The Mx documentation tool has been developed t... DOWNLOAD
iphotoalbum(freshmeat) iPhotoAlbum iPhotoAlbum is a dynamic online photo album p... DOWNLOAD
romenux(freshmeat) Romenux Romenux allows you to communicate with the Rome... DOWNLOAD
ext2resize(freshmeat) ext2resize ext2resize is a program capable of resizing (sh... DOWNLOAD
isisd(freshmeat) ISISD ISISD (IS-IS routing daemon for Zebra) aims to ... DOWNLOAD
profxp(freshmeat) proFXP proFXP is a command-line FXP (server-to-server ... DOWNLOAD
csrtd(freshmeat) Complete System Resource Monitor & Task Organizor Complete System Resource Monitor and Task Organ... DOWNLOAD
bookbase(freshmeat) BookBase Bookbase stores each of your books in a MySQL d... DOWNLOAD
theharbourproject(freshmeat) The Harbour Project Harbour is a free, cross-platform compiler for ... DOWNLOAD
loghog(freshmeat) LogHog Loghog was designed to take a proactive stance ... DOWNLOAD
gnuledger(freshmeat) GnuLedger GnuLedger is a Web-based accounting system. It ... DOWNLOAD
thehand(freshmeat) thehand thehand is a small utility that allows shell us... DOWNLOAD
muckmangle(freshmeat) MUCKmangle MUCKmangle takes the log from a Roleplaying ses... DOWNLOAD
phptree(freshmeat) phpTree phpTree is a very simple, embeddable, Web-based... DOWNLOAD
genrd(freshmeat) Genrd Genrd is a bash shell script frontend to Robodo... DOWNLOAD
primowebmanager(freshmeat) Primo Dynamic Web Content Manager The Primo Dynamic Web Content Manager allows us... DOWNLOAD
trove(freshmeat) GNU Trove for Java Trove provides a free implementation for portio... DOWNLOAD
jabbertools(freshmeat) JabberTools JabberTools is a set of console and Web-based P... DOWNLOAD
doow(freshmeat) Database Of Our Owlish Wisdom Database Of Our Owlish Wisdom is a knowledge ... DOWNLOAD
zehdok(freshmeat) ZehDok ZehDok consists of two small utilities (cheader... DOWNLOAD
wampager(freshmeat) Waimea Mini Pager Waimea Mini Pager is a dockapp pager for the Wa... DOWNLOAD
robotournament(freshmeat) RoboTournament RoboTournament is a RoboRally inspired game whe... DOWNLOAD
epts(freshmeat) Electronic Problem Tracking System Electronic Problem Tracking System is designed ... DOWNLOAD
x10ephem(freshmeat) x10ephem x10ephem computes sunrise and sunset times. It ... DOWNLOAD
xword(freshmeat) xword xword is a crossword puzzle application that al... DOWNLOAD
ledticker(freshmeat) LED Ticker LED Ticker is a Java toy applet that simulates ... DOWNLOAD
gknewsticker(freshmeat) GKrellM Newsticker GKrellM Newsticker is a newsticker plugin for t... DOWNLOAD
weathergraph(freshmeat) WeatherGraph WeatherGraph periodically contacts the US Natio... DOWNLOAD
gwcc(freshmeat) GNOME Workstation Command Center GWCC allows users to execute network utilities ... DOWNLOAD
rt-utils(freshmeat) rt-utils The rt-utils are a collection of tools related ... DOWNLOAD
sitebox(freshmeat) SiteBox SiteBox is a highly modular Web portal system w... DOWNLOAD
charva(freshmeat) CHARVA CHARVA is a Java library that allows an applica... DOWNLOAD
kernelhacking-howto(freshmeat) Linux kernelhacking-HOWTO Linux kernelhacking-HOWTO is a new document to ... DOWNLOAD
dpsyco(freshmeat) Debian Packages of System Configurations Dpsyco is a automated system to distribute syst... DOWNLOAD
ldt(freshmeat) LD-Tools LD-Tools is a collection of tools for the Unix ... DOWNLOAD
sentinelsm(freshmeat) Sentinel System Monitor Sentinel System Monitor is a plugin-based, exte... DOWNLOAD
ksendfile(freshmeat) KSendFile KSendFile is a native SAFT client for KDE2. SAF... DOWNLOAD
althea(freshmeat) Althea Althea is an IMAP email client for X that uses ... DOWNLOAD
svplus(freshmeat) SchemaView Plus SchemaView Plus is a GUI for creating, retrievi... DOWNLOAD
openjnlp(freshmeat) OpenJNLP OpenJNLP is an Open Source implementation of th... DOWNLOAD
tide(freshmeat) TIDE The TIDE project is a graphical wrapper for Tom... DOWNLOAD
eddie42(freshmeat) Eddie's Extensions Eddie's Extensions are TCL scripts for an eggdr... DOWNLOAD
memtime(freshmeat) memtime memtime is a tool for measuring memory and time... DOWNLOAD
spacmine(freshmeat) Space Mines Space Mines is a game where one needs to make m... DOWNLOAD
bbkeys(freshmeat) bbkeys bbkeys is the keygrabber for the Blackbox windo... DOWNLOAD
fnews(freshmeat) fnews fnews is a news to mail forwarding utility. Th... DOWNLOAD
cvssh(freshmeat) cvssh cvssh is a solution for securing a CVS pserver.... DOWNLOAD
htmlcal(freshmeat) HTML Cal HTML Cal generates a clear and readable calenda... DOWNLOAD
dhcpcd-scriptconfig(freshmeat) Script-Configurable DHCPCD dhcpcd-scriptconfig is a modified version of dh... DOWNLOAD

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