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g2f3(freshmeat) G2F3 G2F3 (Generic Game Framework in eiFFel) aims to... DOWNLOAD
autogg(freshmeat) Autogg Autogg is an Ogg player that categorizes music ... DOWNLOAD
kbd-mangler(freshmeat) kbd-mangler kbd-mangler is a tool to modify the keyboard be... DOWNLOAD
jblooming(freshmeat) JBlooming JBlooming is a framework for building views of ... DOWNLOAD
qktemp(freshmeat) QKtemp QKtemp records temperature data from the Qkits.... DOWNLOAD
sagl(freshmeat) Small Antialiased Graphics Library SAgl is a portable small antialiased graphics l... DOWNLOAD
windowmaker(freshmeat) Window Maker Window Maker is an X11 window manager designed ... DOWNLOAD
bournesh(freshmeat) Heirloom Bourne Shell The Heirloom Bourne Shell is a portable variant... DOWNLOAD
daemonshield(freshmeat) Daemon Shield Daemon Shield is a Linux intrusion prevention d... DOWNLOAD
kumera(freshmeat) Kumera Kumera is a Perl and XML-based content manageme... DOWNLOAD
pyobjc(freshmeat) PyObjC PyObjC is a bridge between Python and Objectiv... DOWNLOAD
qofgen(freshmeat) QOF Generator Generating new objects for the Query Object Fra... DOWNLOAD
united-nuke(freshmeat) UNITED-NUKE UNITED-NUKE is a secure and exceptionally fast ... DOWNLOAD
paquitometer(freshmeat) PaquitoMeter PaquitoMeter is a small application which displ... DOWNLOAD
wedic(freshmeat) WeDiC WeDiC is a bash script with plugins for easy se... DOWNLOAD
bbicon(freshmeat) bbicon bbicon is a desktop iconification system for ic... DOWNLOAD
mod_jsp(freshmeat) mod_jsp mod_jsp is a JSP handling module for Apache 2. ... DOWNLOAD
mapdata_pl(freshmeat) is a script that will take an arbitr... DOWNLOAD
ozoneframework(freshmeat) OZONE Web Application Framework OZONE is a complete object-oriented MVC framewo... DOWNLOAD
svn-raweb-light(freshmeat) SVN-RaWeb-Light SVN-RaWeb-Light is a lightweight Web interface ... DOWNLOAD
jo(freshmeat) jo! jo! is a pure Java Web server that implements t... DOWNLOAD
camltemplate(freshmeat) CamlTemplate CamlTemplate is a library for generating text f... DOWNLOAD
smartyx(freshmeat) SmartyX SmartyX is a class derived from Smarty. This cl... DOWNLOAD
ector(freshmeat) ECTOR ECTOR is a multilingual chatterbot that is able... DOWNLOAD
jerimoth(freshmeat) Jerimoth Jerimoth is a Web application that allows users... DOWNLOAD
remindme(freshmeat) RemindMe RemindMe is a tool to help keep track of import... DOWNLOAD
yafray(freshmeat) Yet Another Free RAYtracer yafray is yet another free raytracer, still in ... DOWNLOAD
mindless(freshmeat) Mindless Automaton Mindless Automaton lets you play collectable/tr... DOWNLOAD
gbib(freshmeat) gBib gBib is a user-friendly Gnome BibTeX database b... DOWNLOAD
phantom(freshmeat) phantom phantom scans files for blocks containing all 0... DOWNLOAD
findmp3(freshmeat) findmp3 findmp3 searches through directory trees for MP... DOWNLOAD
gbtcr(freshmeat) GNOME Bluetooth control remoto GNOME Bluetooth control remoto (GBTcr) is meant... DOWNLOAD
synce(freshmeat) SynCE The purpose of the SynCE project is to provide ... DOWNLOAD
vcdimager(freshmeat) GNU VCDImager/VCDRip GNU VCDImager is a program for making Video CD ... DOWNLOAD
vbnntp(freshmeat) Bulletin Board News Server Bulletin Board News Server is a (relatively) qu... DOWNLOAD
concede(freshmeat) concede Concede is a computer version of the board game... DOWNLOAD
logicharge(freshmeat) Logicharge Logicharge is an panel applet for Logitech wire... DOWNLOAD
jfilerunner(freshmeat) Jfilerunner Jfilerunner is a file manager for Unix systems.... DOWNLOAD
idesk(freshmeat) IDesk IDesk provides icons on an X11 desktop. Its fea... DOWNLOAD
clsql(freshmeat) Common Lisp SQL CLSQL is an SQL database interface for Common L... DOWNLOAD
wmdsweeper(freshmeat) WMDsweeper WMDsweeper is a 3D/2D-based minesweeper game. I... DOWNLOAD
id3tool(freshmeat) id3tool id3tool is a command line editor for ID3v1 form... DOWNLOAD
openwebstats(freshmeat) OpenWebStats OpenWebStats is a PHP stats application that re... DOWNLOAD
gubed(freshmeat) Gubed PHP Debugger Gubed PHP Debugger is, as the name suggests, a ... DOWNLOAD
phpmailer(freshmeat) PHPMailer PHPMailer is an email transport class which fea... DOWNLOAD
cvsspam(freshmeat) CVSspam CVSspam sends email when a change is committed ... DOWNLOAD
kkombat(freshmeat) Kajaani Kombat Kajaani Kombat is a fun multiplayer Rampart-lik... DOWNLOAD
pyso(freshmeat) pyso pyso is a pygame-based toolkit for developing i... DOWNLOAD
preview(freshmeat) Preview Preview is a simple image viewer for GNUstep. I... DOWNLOAD
pfc(freshmeat) Portal Foundation Classes The Portal Foundation Classes is a J2EE 1.3 lib... DOWNLOAD
flburncd(freshmeat) FLTK burncd GUI frontend FLTK burncd GUI frontend is a very simple GUI f... DOWNLOAD
ballistic(freshmeat) Small Arms Ballistics A ballistics calculator for small arms fire. Th... DOWNLOAD
mfha(freshmeat) mfha Mfha is a high-availability (HA) utility that a... DOWNLOAD
rexxcurl(freshmeat) Rexx/CURL Rexx/CURL is a Rexx external function package t... DOWNLOAD
vorbisgain(freshmeat) vorbisgain VorbisGain is an utility that uses a psychoacou... DOWNLOAD
mailblaster(freshmeat) MailBlaster MailBlaster is an easy way to create and send e... DOWNLOAD
ipworks(freshmeat) IP*Works! IP*Works! is a comprehensive suite of more than... DOWNLOAD
ssws(freshmeat) Sws Web Server Sws Web Server is a fast, secure, and simple We... DOWNLOAD
ipworksssl(freshmeat) IP*Works! SSL IP*Works! SSL adds SSL security, digital certif... DOWNLOAD
authz-tools(freshmeat) authz-tools authz-tools is a set of tools to manipulate aut... DOWNLOAD
ibizepayment(freshmeat) IBiz E-Payment Integrator The IBiz E-Payment Integrator provides a way to... DOWNLOAD
nabu(freshmeat) Nabu Nabu is a simple framework that extracts chunks... DOWNLOAD
headcold(freshmeat) HeadCold HeadCold is a small PalmOS utility allows to re... DOWNLOAD
simplekde(freshmeat) SimpleKDE SimpleKDE aims to be a lightweight, clean, and ... DOWNLOAD
gskey(freshmeat) gskey gskey is an MD5 hash generator used to authoriz... DOWNLOAD
sj(freshmeat) Sound Juicer Sound Juicer is a CD ripping tool that features... DOWNLOAD
cduce(freshmeat) CDuce CDuce is a programming language adapted to writ... DOWNLOAD
pushoksema(freshmeat) PushOK SEMA PushOK SEMA is a group/project management appli... DOWNLOAD
simplealarm(freshmeat) SimpleAlarm is a Cocoa-based application that a... DOWNLOAD
poterm(freshmeat) PoTerm PoTerm is a terminal shell that can be used for... DOWNLOAD
dcache(freshmeat) dcache The dcache library implements a fixed size cach... DOWNLOAD
img2eps(freshmeat) img2eps img2eps packages raster images into EPS (Embedd... DOWNLOAD
objectivelib(freshmeat) ObjectiveLib ObjectiveLib is a framework for Objective-C tha... DOWNLOAD
eximdsn(freshmeat) Exim DSN Patch The Exim DSN patch adds delivery status notific... DOWNLOAD
pylinda(freshmeat) PyLinda Linda is a widely studied distributed computing... DOWNLOAD
gaimnosd(freshmeat) gaimnosd gaimnosd provides notifications in a TV gauge s... DOWNLOAD
deme(freshmeat) Deme Deme is a Web tool to host asynchronous meetin... DOWNLOAD
libmtrwe(freshmeat) Libmtrwe Libmtrwe is a library for connecting data produ... DOWNLOAD
flmkisofs(freshmeat) flmkisofs flmkisofs is a very simple program for creating... DOWNLOAD
jmemprof(freshmeat) JMemProf JMemProf is a live Java memory profiler suitabl... DOWNLOAD
mod_mysql_userdir(freshmeat) mod_mysql_userdir mod_mysql_userdir is a module for the Apache We... DOWNLOAD
xfcr(freshmeat) File Content Recoverer File Content Recoverer (XFCR) is Linux-based to... DOWNLOAD
navigation(freshmeat) Navigation Navigation implements a design pattern that all... DOWNLOAD
sid-ids(freshmeat) SID-IDS SID-IDS is a PTY host intrusion detection syste... DOWNLOAD
transtalo(freshmeat) Transtalo Transtalo is an automatic translator. It consis... DOWNLOAD
skencil(freshmeat) Skencil Sketch is a vector drawing program similar to C... DOWNLOAD
dtdparse(freshmeat) DTDParse DTDParse is a tool for processing SGML and XML ... DOWNLOAD
domtt(freshmeat) DOM Tooltip DOM Tooltip allows developers to add customized... DOWNLOAD
ipodbackup(freshmeat) iPodBackup iPodBackup is a tool that backs up your home fo... DOWNLOAD
mshare(freshmeat) Money Share Money Share is an expense management tool that ... DOWNLOAD
udpbalancer(freshmeat) udpbalancer Udpbalancer is a reverse proxy that sorts UDP ... DOWNLOAD
pdfdom(freshmeat) pdfDOM pdfDOM is a PHP library for creating PDF docum... DOWNLOAD
modman(freshmeat) The Modular Manual Browser The Modular Manual Browser is a set of PHP scri... DOWNLOAD
potracegui(freshmeat) potracegui Potracegui is a GUI for potrace, a program for ... DOWNLOAD
privateer(freshmeat) Privateer Remake Privateer gives you the freedom to carve your o... DOWNLOAD
entry-cleaner(freshmeat) Entry-Cleaner Entry-Cleaner is as small utility that deletes ... DOWNLOAD
net-fu(freshmeat) Net-Fu Net-Fu is a DHTML implementation of the classi... DOWNLOAD
snareapache(freshmeat) Snare for Apache Snare for Apache provides a remote distribution... DOWNLOAD
snaresquid(freshmeat) Snare for Squid Snare for Squid provides a remote distribution ... DOWNLOAD
epstool(freshmeat) epstool epstool is a utility that can create and extrac... DOWNLOAD

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